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Heels, friends, and oh-my-god-really?

It’s rare you get a three-in-one post from me. I can’t remember the last time I had something to say about all three at the same time. They’re usually good about taking turns at being fodder.  Not so this week.

I took the Princess to the mall yesterday afternoon. This is the second year she’s gone shopping with her own money to buy gifts for her siblings, and me and Spouse too. She’s learned just how fun it is to watch someone open a gift you’ve chosen just for them.  She’s creating her own Christmas magic.  I had also promised her a few weeks back I would get her a certain pair of boots she’d been wanting. That was part of our excursion yesterday. I’d put it off as long as I could.  Wanna know why? The boots are wedges with a 2.5 inch heel. She’s already a smidge taller than I. With these boots on, she seriously looks down on me.  She put the boots on, and  looked instantly three years older. I’m so not ready for this.  She has these long legs, long arms, dancer’s body.  In short, it’s freaking me out. I’m not ready for her to be all grown up. But grow up she will.  She lit up when I told her we were buying them, and she wore them not only out of the store, but out to dinner.  I had to put my 3-inch heels on just to keep up, and be able to look her in the eye.  She has her first heels. Yikes.

Yesterday morning, Little Man asked to go to school early. This is new. Seriously. Usually he doesn’t want to be there any earlier than necessary. I’m pushing it getting him there fifteen minutes before class starts. So I was surprised when he asked to leave early. “Why?” I asked him, an obvious question.  “Because I want more time to play with my friends.” Hear that? Throughout most of elementary school, he had few friends, max of maybe three any given year.  That started to change last year.  Everyone was pleasantly surprised. Along with everything else he regressed on the beginning of this year, he started out with just a couple of kids he was comfortable with, would hang out with.  This seems to be changing. So, when he asked yesterday, I grabbed my keys, and took him to school twenty minutes early. I didn’t think the process would be repeated, but again this morning, he grabbed his stuff twenty minutes early and said, “Let’s go mom!” Away we went. He hopped out of the car with a smile on his face, walked up to his friends, and into the building, grinning all the way. My momma heart was so light.

As for the Oh-my-God-really thing…….Big Man is driving me insane.  I checked his grades day before yesterday. They have 6 school days left in the semester.  Finals are next week.  He’s so not even close to where we expect him to be. It’s so frustrating because we know what he’s capable of.  He blames it on daily cross country practice the first 2.5 months of school.  It wasn’t like he was getting home at midnight every night. He was done at 5pm, four  hours before his bedtime…..plenty of time to get homework done effectively and efficiently (they block classes so he only has all six classes one day, then three each day the rest of the week).  And we had that medication argument until just a couple of weeks ago too. He takes two ADHD meds…..the typical daily med, and then a non-narcotic at night to balance out mornings, evenings, anxiety, and sleep.  He has been fighting the non-narcotic for six months. Wait, have I said all this before? Suffice it to say, his focus was seriously lacking during the morning rush, and his daily med had worn off by the time he got to homework.  Hot. Mess. I’m feeling like this semester is just a loss.  So frustrating. He’s so capable. And forget trying to get through to him that it really matters now. He has to take school seriously if he expects to go to any kind of four-year university.

So there. That’s been my week so far. I’m going insane with them, and with trying to recover from Nutcracker as well as prepare for Christmas. There’s going to be lots of online shopping and wine between now and the end of the year.

4 thoughts on “Heels, friends, and oh-my-god-really?

  1. I can relate to the top and the bottom. The middle, not so much, but WOW, that’s great! 🙂
    It’s mama busy season. Time to carve out a day here and a night there where you just BE with your family. I hope you can.

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