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Friday Favorites #15

All righty, Herd friends…this one is going to be short and (hopefully) sweet.  This day has flown by, and I still have about five things to accomplish within the next 90 minutes.  How is your holiday prep going? Mine is so scattered, I’m fairly sure I’m going to end up with ten gifts for one kid and two or three each for the other two. That whole “things will settle down after Nutcracker….” yeah, not so much.

So, without further ado, here are your Friday Favorites for today. As I said, the list is relatively short, because, hello, finding favorites takes lots of reading time, which I am in short supply today.

  1.  If you haven’t read Josh Wrenn’s stuff, now is the time. I remember the first time I figured out I wasn’t quite as important to the someone who was most important in my life at the time.  This brought those memories and feelings back.
  2. I loved Lorie’s post about the December birthday dilemma. I have a niece, a nephew, and a bestie with birthdays in December. Big Man was supposed to be a December baby (only time in his life he’s ever listened was when I said I didn’t want a Christmas/New Year’s baby – I think I would have lived with that rather than the three months in the NICU we did survive).  Anyways, if you have a friend or family member with a December birthday, respect the birthday!
  3. Jen at A Not So Typical Boy writes the story of my life frequently. This post was no exception. Little Man has had his share of bad days lately. They leave me, and him, frazzled, sapped, tapped, emotionally drained. But I am reminded at the end of each bad day, there is a higher hand, and it is well.
  4. The holiday season is so full of busy….cards, shopping, wrapping, parties…..It can be so overwhelming and exhausting. I know I can quickly forget the whole reason we’re going through this madness, and lose focus.  Rachel at Fellow Passengers wrote an awesome post on Beating back the dark side of Christmas. It made me take a breath in the middle of the madness of the day.
  5. Christmas and animal tricks…here’s your smile for the day, courtesy of Cute Overload.


Happy Friday all! Hugs from the Herd.

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #15

  1. My daughter’s birthday is Dec 8th , mine is January 18th. Her due date is 30th Dec so she has a Capricorn baby away fron the Christmas celebrations. We’ve passed her birthday when she wanted the arrival so now I’m thinking of keeping her prisoner so she doesn’t sneak it into Sagittarius to share her sign.
    xxx Huge Hugs back to the herd xxx

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