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Friday Favorites #16

The Herd is officially on Christmas Break!! Can I get a Woohoooo!!!???? Two weeks without 5:45am alarms. Two weeks without the homework argument. Two weeks without the crazy morning routine (aka, herding kittens).  Heck, I may even let them slide on showers if we aren’t going anywhere. No, I am not quite ready for Christmas. There are a few gifts left to buy, and most of them left to wrap. The house is a hot mess, and my mom arrives Sunday morning. But tonight, we are relaxing. Tomorrow morning, we will invade the movie theater to watch Star Wars.  The Herd will mostly be out of the loop for the next two weeks, so if I don’t get another chance to say it, Happy Holidays to our Herd Friends. Sending many hugs and much love out into the blogosphere. With that, here are our favorites for this week:

  • I’ve sent you there a few times in recent past, but Josh Wrenn keeps writing good stuff. I love the piece written today. What do you think happens? My heart is begging him to stay with the girl. Do you feel the same?
  • Cute Overload is all about Star Wars these days, just like everyone else. There were so many adorable posts, but these two were my favs.  Mini Chewy  and Darth Vader Cat .
  • Joey’s animals get in on the Christmas action in this post at Joeyfully Stated. Made me giggle. Our Herd animals are such a part of our Christmas celebration, and outside of playing with a few of the hanging ornaments, they leave the tree alone. That didn’t used to be so. There were many years we had to tie our tree to the wall/ceiling with fishing line to keep our cats from knocking it over.
  • And who wouldn’t want a wine bottle tree? Pretty sure my aunt-in-law could make this happen. She’s uber crafty. Are you reading this, G? Wine bottle tree. Think you could make one of these babies? The Wine Wankers posted photos of some they’ve seen recently.

That’s all I have today. I’m on BREAK!!!

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