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Winter Break, Little Man style

“How’s he doing?” my mom asked, wondering how Little Man was faring after a rather rough first day of Winter  Break. He’s actually doing pretty awesome. He’s had a few moments, but for the most part, it’s been good stuff. It’s still life autism-style, but it’s been good.

Christmas usually brings a ton of anxiety for him. Things that bring a lot of excitement also cause a lot of stress for him.  But the night before Christmas Eve, he spent the night at his friend A’s house. We had a little iffy moment around 5pm, but Spouse got on the phone with him and talked him down. I woke up the next morning, and my first thought was, “He did it!” Sooooooo happy. He has spent the night at a friend’s house before, but not A’s, and not so far away (even though A lives just a mile from us). He did it!! He was happy and tired when I picked him up.

Christmas Eve service…sigh….he was hungry and tired. I ended up taking him out in the middle of the service. He was totally crying, those big crocodile tears rolling down his face.  He pulled himself back together after a few minutes, and we went back into the sanctuary. He set the countdown timer on my phone himself. Before  he knew it, we were headed back home. He typically flips out Christmas Eve at bedtime. The anxiety gets to him and sleep eludes him, then the tears come. Not so this year. He was out before 8pm, and he stayed asleep until 5:20am, although he did crawl into my bed about 2:30am. He did have a meltdown during just after Christmas dinner, but other than that, he had an awesome day.

We left for my sister’s the day after Christmas, an 8 hour drive. Again, he was amazing. He usually asks “How much longer?” at least a dozen times during a road trip. He only asked once. And he’s been fabulous the entire trip, outside of one little glitch last night when he was tired and wanted to be back at the house. We went bowling today. He bowled one game and was done, but HE BOWLED ONE WHOLE GAME!!!!!!

He’s been advocating for himself, making his needs known. He eats when I tell him to eat, and that helps a lot. He tells me when he’s tired, when he needs a break, when he needs help.

Breaks can be so miserable. He’s held it together so well this year. I’m so relieved. Hoping and praying the darkness of the beginning of this school year is in the past, and we stay around this corner we’ve turned.

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