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I don’t always get this sensory stuff

Today, we hauled  took the kids to the trampoline place.  Little Man was happier with this choice than the  original Six Flags destination.  (He is not really a fan of roller coasters – heights and all that stuff). He’s never been to a trampoline place, although he has been to Pump It Up a few times. I honestly  had no clue how he would do. I figured we would maybe get ten minutes out of him, and he would spend the rest of the time with his headphones on and his face in his phone or my iPad. He can be weird about having shoes and socks off outside of home too. I went in prepared for it to be a typical, sensory-overload outing.

There must be something about the jumping. He made it ninety minutes before he hit the wall. Ninety minutes is HUGE, and was completely unexpected.  My sister is a para, and she said sometimes that type of sensory input has the opposite effect you’d expect. Somehow, that makes sense. Being able to move made the noise less of an issue, made the number of people moving around him less of an issue.

He did have a rocking table/sitting thing (I don’t have a clue what it’s called but it was a board with a big ball  in the middle. He could sit on it and rock it back and forth or all around) in the SAI classroom at his last school.  He dug it. I tried to find one online, but no luck. Anyways, the motion settled him, calmed him, helped him focus.

I’ve learned it usually has to be his choice of motion, although that having-to-choose thing can become overwhelming. He will seek out my exercise ball at home and roll around on it. Today reminded me that motion, in his time and his way, is a tool we need to put back in his rotation.

I’m still working out this sensory stuff, mostly because it seems to be the exact opposite of what you would think it should be.  Whatever it takes, right? All I know is he jumped, surrounded by other kids, in a noisy building, for ninety minutes. And that, my friends, is awesome.

8 thoughts on “I don’t always get this sensory stuff

  1. I’m so happy for you, AND him! I watched Rain Man last night and was reminded how my young autistic friend at church is terrified of fire trucks, but played laser tag with me like a champ!

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