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Just reading

I usually start the year off with a bang, diving quickly and fully into the long list of whatever resolutions and goals I have set for myself. Maybe because New Year’s Day fell on a Friday, or maybe because the kids were still out of school a few more days, I decided to go more slowly this year. I wanted to be thoughtful and meaningful with my goals and plans.  I wanted to rest more.  I wanted to process. And really – does anyone start a healthy eating and exercise plan on a weekend?

I’m feeling the same with my writing.  I have a short list of posts I’d like to get out, but when I sat down to write on any of those topics, nothing came out. I decided I’m going to be mindful. I’m going to be deliberate. I’m going to be thoughtful. I know I also need to work on engaging with other writers. So for a few days, I may  just be reading, fully and deliberately….reading and commenting and thinking.

Happy New Year!

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