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A New Spot

We’ve had the same sofa and love seat for almost nineteen years. They were old when we got them. They have survived three infants/toddlers/kids, five dogs, five cats, parties too numerous to count, and us. They have fabric paint stains, puke stains, wine stains, food stains, spots rubbed off where the dogs have scratched, and frayed corners where two of our cats have sharpened their claws.  They’ve been the greatest of napping spaces, nursing spaces, sick-kiddo comforting spaces, tv-watching spaces, confidential conversation spaces.

I had claimed our recliner as my spot when we got it eleven or so years ago. I almost always sit there. It’s my nap spot, my reading spot, my yorkie-cuddling spot.

Three days ago, a new sectional was delivered and put into place.  The old sofa stares at us from across the room until we can find a new home for it. The love seat has been moved down the hall, temporarily serving as extra seating for the kids in the game room.  My recliner has been pushed back by the kitchen table. There’s no room for it any longer in our family room. Am I a bit sad? Yeah. But I’ve found a new spot, and it happens to be pretty fabulous.

Part of the new sectional is a chaise.  It faces directly towards the television. The cushion and back are at just the right angles. I can fold my legs up under me, and lean into the corner, or I can lean back and stretch my legs out. There’s even a perfect corner for the yorkie.  Guess what else? It’s just the right angle for me to sit with my laptop on my lap, and write. Soooooo comfortable. Ahhhhhhhhh

So I have a new spot. I claimed it within minutes of the sectional being setup and trying out various spots.  I can sit here and write or read, in full comfort. I  have yet to test it out for napping purposes, but so far, the sectional seems just the right depth for prime napping.

Do you have a favorite seat in your family room or living room? What’s your favorite place to read, write, or watch tv?


10 thoughts on “A New Spot

  1. I know the feeling. I sort of miss our old 7-foot-long sofa, which was replaced just a couple of months ago by a loveseat – on the theory that if my next move is into a senior apartment, at least I’ll be sure to have a “couch” that fits. Puppy Cody immediately claimed the loveseat as her own. I’m allowed to sit there (if I ply her with treats first), but she gets a little standoffish if anyone else dares to sit there.

    • Hahaha! Smart puppy. The yorkie is struggling with the new spot. She won’t jump up here, even though it’s lower than the recliner. She wants me to pick her up. Go figure.

  2. We are on our third couch in almost 10 years, so I am in awe of you. We have a chaise on our newest one that I loved until I got so pregnant I couldn’t get up 😀

    • That would be a problem. A rocking recliner was the only way I was able to stand up when I was pregnant with the Princess and again with Little Man. And we should have had three couches at least in the last nineteen years!

  3. Ah, so nice! I’m afraid our upgrade was purely aesthetic and not at all comfortable like our old ones. We are sad. The sofa will one day be replaced, but the loveseat (my spot) is quite nice and I hope it lives a very long time! I hope the same for your spot! 🙂

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