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Friday Favorites #17

Wow! We are already through the first week of 2016. It’s sooooo cliche but time really does seem to speed up the older you get. The kids’ schedules don’t do anything to help slow down time. How are you doing with any resolutions you may have made this year? I didn’t make any resolutions, per se, but rather, made goals. I like goals better. They’re defined, and usually attainable – at least at some point in time.

There was  a ton of good stuff out there in blog-land today. I think most of you made the resolution or goal to really dig in on the writing. I’ve done LOTS of reading this week, and it’s been awesome. Here’s your first list of Friday Favorites for this year:

  •  Darla Jo at She’s a Maineiac had me spewing soda all over my computer screen with her post today. Thanks for that! She’s had a good, and bad, start to her new year. I love the humility in sharing. I’m of the mind we should all keep it real as much as possible. Makes a person more likable to not come off as perfect. Hah!
  • I know I link his posts a lot, but Josh Wrenn wrote another fabulous piece of fiction today. It touched my heart. If you’re up for a tiny but mushy, and totally feel-good, go read Why I Believe.
  • Jill at Square Peg in a Round Hole gets it right once again. I sing to the coffee gods every morning, and a lot of afternoons.
  • It takes a talented person to write a post about buying underwear, or maybe just the brain of a sleepless, relatively-new parent.  Stephen at My Least Favorite Child Today gets another nod from the Herd. Good luck with that shopping. It does kinda make you an adult to have to manage it yourself.  Sending you thoughts of solid sleep, and less-cranky morning faces.
  • Please, please, please go read anything of Jenny Lawson’s. Please. She’s totally amazing, and completely hilarious, but also oh so real about dealing with any form of mental illness.  Her post today, I’m sharing this with you because I love you, had me crying, and then empowered.
  • Sandra at A Momma’s View had some insight on the world of social media and the people who use it. I’ve seen a few posts this week along these lines, but the meme she attached just nailed it.
  • I had to include this post from Andrea Reads America, because we had a tornado warning in  San Diego this week. That was a first for me. I’ve lived in California my entire life and endured earthquakes, floods, hail, drought, heat waves, and dust storms, but never, ever have I had a tornado warning. I had to text friends in the Midwest and back East to ask them what to do. It. Was. Crazy.
  • Our labradoodle is a magician. I’m convinced. That poodle brain part mixed with the lab who needs to eat everything she can get her paws on makes life interesting. I can totally picture her pulling this off.

Do you all have your Christmas decorations down already? Our outdoor ones came down last weekend. The indoor ones….well, yeah….they’re still out, but mostly because the bins are on the hanging racks in the garage and I can’t get them down. I’m waiting on Spouse. But I have a few Catholic friends and they assure me that, according to their calendar, Christmas lasts until this weekend anyways, so I’m good, right?

Happy Friday!


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