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Spouse and I went with friends (yes, we actually do have friends!) to see If/Then this past weekend. I had no idea what the story-line was going in, I only knew Idina Menzel was starring. Imagine my delight. It was really good. I won’t tell you anything about the story, other than it follows two directions her life went based upon both sides of one decision. Who hasn’t thought about that in their own life? I laughed like crazy, and I cried like a baby. No, the wine didn’t have anything to do with that. I might say you may have to be a woman to be able to clearly follow the story. Both our husbands were massively confused until we explained at intermission what was going on. But I digress, as usual.

Two sides of a decision….I’ve had to make plenty of big decisions in my life. You don’t reach the downhill slide to halfway done without encountering major life decisions. What if I hadn’t transferred colleges halfway through my education? ย What if I’d stayed in the retail field, on the management track that was offered after I graduated college? What if I hadn’t convinced two of my friends to drive to a country bar an hour away from our town for a girls’ night out, the night and the bar in which I met Spouse? What if I had listened to my own head/heart instead of the stupid OB, and Big Man hadn’t been born so prematurely? What if we hadn’t moved to San Diego? What would my life be?

We don’t have the opportunity to see that alternate universe. We have the view we are living. And that what-if game often leads down guilt-fueled roads. But sometimes it is fun to wonder about those choices, isn’t it? Would you, if you could, see what your life might have been had you made the opposite choice?

10 thoughts on “If/Then

  1. I already know that my life would have been pure misery had I made a certain decision. Let’s just say I was engaged more than once! Thank GOD I made the right decision!!

  2. I’ll ‘third’ the broken engagements are for the best.
    I don’t think I’d care to undo any of it. I’m a fatalist anyway. All the good stuff was bound to happen ๐Ÿ˜‰

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