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Friday Favorites #18

Hey Herd Peeps!! I know this is getting out later than usual. That new job I wrote about yesterday…..yeah, I’m sorting out my life. It’s an awesome issue to have, but it’s just taking me time to pull together a new routine that works for me. So, Favorites are short today because I’m sitting here at the dance studio trying to pull it together before  her class is over, plus there are all kinds of people staring over my shoulder while I’m writing, which, you know, no bueno.

So, short on time, and short on attention span, here you go:

  • Helen on This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time wrote a short fiction piece. I’m into these short fiction pieces. Hope you like it too!
  • Have you been procrastinating on your 2016 Resolutions? Your 2016 goals? Anything? Dr. R at The Journal of Dr. R shared a profound thought on procrastination. If only it were this easy.
  • I always love word searches. I would spend hours on them as a kid. Do you ever do the ones posted on social  media – the “tests” that supposedly tell you something about yourself based upon which words you see first? Be Like Water posted one this afternoon. I will admit, the first word I saw was fat. ARGH! What word do you see first?
  • Lastly, your dose of Cute Overload. I think I’d prefer this type of alarm clock to the one on my phone.

Have a happy weekend! Hoping to get caught up and get a routine pulled together next week!


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