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One of the consequences of having three kids at three different schools is that Big Man now has to walk home from school two or three days a week. No biggie – it really isn’t that far, well-populated, and literally two left turns and two right turns the entire way. He’s fifteen…completely within his scope of ability, right? Right. It’s been all good. I see it as a rite of passage. I used to walk home from high school before I got my driver’s license. Builds character.

Last week, I presented him with two keys…one to the pedestrian gate for our community, and one for the house. He immediately put them on his lanyard/keychain.  Kinda made me giggle. He’s proud of having those keys.

In my mind, this is one more milestone. Giving your kid his own key to the house is kinda huge.  It’s a responsibility. It’s a trust thing also.

They grow up so quickly, these babies of ours. I was sucked into looking way back in my ThisLife photos the other day. I look at his NICU/baby photos a lot, especially this time of year, but I was looking at toddler photos, first t-ball photos, first soccer season photos. Now, he’s halfway through his Freshman year, I’m looking up information on the steps to take to get his learning permit to drive. We’re beginning to talk college interests, working on building up the college fund.

I gave him the keys the other day. He grinned hugely. I smiled, but it was that sad, bittersweet momma smile. A key to the door is step one on his way out of it.

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