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When Momma Travels

Part of the joy of having a child on the spectrum is the extreme need for structure, routine, consistency.  Guess what doesn’t happen in real life? Stuff happens. Glitches throw wrenches into the works. Things get cancelled. Plans change. And sometimes, Momma decides it’s  time for her to have a weekend away (usually to go scrapbooking, or to a conference where she will spend the entire weekend talking about her babies).

This weekend, I’m away on one of my bi-annual scrapbooking weekends. Little Man is not thrilled with me. The routine is messed up. He’s not going home with whom he normally goes home from school. Daddy doesn’t do things exactly the same way Momma does. Momma is not there to make sure he has what he likes, what he needs. He will survive, but Wednesday night was not without tears.

I put him to bed Wednesday night, quietly tucking him in, wiping tears from his face, giving him extra squeezes.  He has the logistics printed out, they’re written on the board in his room, and on the calendar in the kitchen too. I walked him back through everything verbally as well. He just doesn’t like it when I leave.

Every time I travel we go through this. I have to let him know exactly what is happening, when, to the best of my ability, multiple times. We post it all over the house. We walk him through each day repeatedly.  Even then, he will text me at least once a day asking again what the agenda is. This is by far one of the most difficult parts of traveling without my babies.

He’s fine. He’s in good hands. Will things be done the way I do them? Nope. Will he have some stress? Totally. Will he survive? Most definitely.  Is it good for him and his daddy? Oh yeah.

Just a note: I am supposed to be scrapbooking right now. My friend is glaring at me over the top of my laptop screen, knowing I’m doing what I said I wasn’t going to do – blogging and getting a little work done. So, no Friday Favorites today. And next Friday, I’ll be at competition with the Princess. If you see some awesome posts while you’re reading today, send them my way.

Happy Weekend!

4 thoughts on “When Momma Travels

  1. I don’t think my household would survive if I were to leave it. But I am thinking of attending BlogHer in August. It falls on my husbands days off and I really want to go. As mommies we are always thinking of our babies first. But in reality we are better mommies when we get a break sometimes. Right now it’s my gym time. I value that time to just let go. Have a great weekend and happy scrap booking my friend.💌Trista

  2. I know exactly how you feel. It’s great that you are doing something for yourself. I suppose it will help to develop coping skills for your son as well! I hope you have a great time!

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