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Most nights/early mornings, Little Man still finds his way into our bed. We should lock our door every night, but it makes me somewhat uncomfortable, locking my babies out (I know – they’re not really babies anymore). But then when he does end up in our bed, the teeth-grinding starts, and sleep ends. We’ve begun walking him back to bed or just telling him to go back to bed if he’s grinding his teeth. Neither one of us can stand it.

He seems to have a sixth sense – as soon as Spouse gets up for the day, if he hasn’t already wandered in, he will come in to take up that warm spot in the bed. Last night, Little Man had come into our bed, and started grinding his teeth. We sent him back to bed. Shortly afterwards, Spouse got up briefly, and it wasn’t thirty seconds before I heard our door open and Little Man attempted once again to sneak in. I told him he couldn’t stay because of the grinding. He said he would put his mouth-guard in. I asked him if he even knew where his mouth-guard was. He took that as, “You can come into our bed for the rest of the night if you have your mouth-guard,” went back to his room, got his guard, put it in, and happily, sleepily, climbed back into our bed. Just then, Spouse returned, and asked Little Man what he was doing back in our bed. “Mom said I could stay if I had my mouth-guard.” Wait, what? That’s totally NOT what I said, but I realized quickly we’d both been outwitted.

We all went back to sleep for a couple more hours. And there was no teeth-grinding.

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