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Why we need to hold our kids accountable

I have two words for you…Johnny Manziel. Yeah, he might technically be an adult, but he’s a kid. Worse, he’s a kid who doesn’t seem to have been held accountable a single day of his life, until now. I applaud the Cleveland Browns for trying to  help him. I applaud them even more for recognizing a lost cause and letting him go. Kudos to his agent as well who will reportedly be dropping him. He shouldn’t continue to be rewarded for being a selfish ass.

I’m thankful my kids aren’t super stars at anything to have this really tested, but even so, they need to be told no. No, you don’t always get what you want. No, you don’t always win. No, even when you do win, you don’t get things handed to you on a silver platter. Yes, you will work hard. Yes, you will still have to go to class and do the work. No, no one is going to let you sit on your laurels while someone else does the work for you. No, you can’t party, break the rules, let your temper flare whenever you want and still get away with it because you’re good at something. TELL YOUR KIDS NO!

I’m not a perfect mom by any means. I don’t know how I would react if my kids were rock stars and people wanted to elevate them, give them things, do things for them. I’d love to think I’d say no thanks. Kids need to be grounded, centered, made responsible. My kids are held accountable. Oh, you forgot your homework at home for the third time this year, and the teacher won’t let you hand it in late? Sorry….you need to suffer the natural consequences of your forgetfulness. I’m not going to rescue you. You broke something that belonged to someone else? Guess what, you get to apologize, and work to earn the money to buy them a new one. There’s a video game coming out you really want? You’d better be doing your chores and then some to earn it, or use the birthday money you still have stashed away to get it. You don’t know where your PE clothes are? Guess  you’d better find them before you leave for school, and no, I’m not responsible for knowing where all your stuff is. Clean your room – it works wonders as far as helping you track things down, go figure.

I hope Manziel learns a lesson, but he’s been given plenty of opportunities to learn the past few years, and nothing seems to have really brought the point home to him. Yes sir, the rules still apply to you. This is real life, buddy. You don’t keep getting free passes, no matter how much money or fame, no matter how many trophies or wins. Truthfully, his parents, and all the people in his life who never held him accountable led him to where he is today. It’s on them, but now it’s on him to check himself.

Tell your kids no. Hold them accountable. Don’t let them become that jerk who busts in at the head of the line because he thinks he is entitled for some reason and that rules don’t apply to him.

And now I apologize and get off my soap box. This is one particular subject for which I get a bit feisty. It’s a personal pet peeve. We do our kids a huge disservice in this country when they happen to excel at a sport. Not all parents let this Manziel thing happen to their kids, but there have been more and more stories in recent years of bad behavior, law-breaking, and entitlement behavior,  and yet those kids go on big contracts and more fortune and fame, rather than being held accountable for their actions.

7 thoughts on “Why we need to hold our kids accountable

  1. Well said! A lot of parents don’t seem to understand that our kids actually want us to say no. Kids like to know where the line is drawn, at least until they become teenagers. It’s reassuring to children to know the parents are holding the line and keeping them safe. Not knowing where the line is, not knowing if one’s parents care enough to stop the kid from doing something dangerous, harmful, or just stupid, can be very frightening for the kids.

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