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Bright Lights and Warm Glows

The Princess had some security issues a couple of weeks ago. It’s been building for a couple of months. Most of the problem is her view of it, and how she responds in certain situations, and the fact that she’s in it, rather than outside of it, and so doesn’t have the best perspective. Regardless, it prompted a few talks between us.

In this world are bright, noisy, sparkly lights, and warm, gentle, quiet glows. She is definitely the latter of the two. There’s nothing wrong with that. The people who are warm, gentle, quiet glows tend to hang onto people longer if they’re patient and understand those bright, noisy, sparkly lights are going to steal the show for a bit.

Some of her friends are bright, noisy, sparkly lights, and some of them are warm, gentle, quiet glows. The problem arises when the bright and noisy kind of takes over those warm and quiet friends, not necessarily intentionally, but just by way of their nature. While the Princess normally has no trouble standing up for herself, she struggled to deal with this situation. She didn’t know what to do, except get sad and upset. I said little at the time, wanting her to work through it. But then it came up in a bigger arena, and had to be managed. All is well, with little drama, thankfully.

I don’t want her to change who she is. She is a loving, sweet girl. She quietly goes about her business. She’s the same with her friends. But I did tell her she can’t just sit back and pout when the bright,  noisy lights grab the attentions of one of her friends. Pouting won’t get you anywhere. Sometimes, even the quiet glows need to make a little noise.

She understood what I was talking about. I hope she took it to heart. Time will tell. Oh, the joy of teenage girls!

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