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It Just Isn’t Really My Gig

The Herd is planning a family ski/snowboarding adventure this weekend. We haven’t been up to the resort in probably four years, necessitating the replacement of appropriate ski/snow clothing for all three kids. The fact all three are still growing makes me supremely hesitant to drop a bunch of money for stuff they likely won’t wear again.  And of course we’re going on a holiday weekend (it’s President’s weekend for us this weekend), there are NO deals on lift tickets and equipment rentals. Much suckage.

I went to one sporting goods store this morning. I was in there for maybe three minutes and walked out without buying a darn thing. The least expensive snow pants I found – the kind without any lining at all, mind you – were $139!!! They went upwards from there. If you want lining, it’s apparently $40 extra. No thanks. Spouse’s suggestion was to let them wear water-proof pants over jeans. I’ve experienced that joy before. Not comfortable in the least. And, as I informed him, I’d still have to find and buy water-proof pants for each of them.

Off to sporting goods store #2. All the way there, I’m somewhat fuming. You see, I didn’t grow up skiing. I think I put skis on once, for about ten minutes. Slid backwards down the hill, because my mother who had never ski’d a day in her life decided to be our instructor and had us put our skis on while facing uphill, and decided to call it good. I just never had the inherent desire to put two sticks on my feet and slide down a mountain. Six years or so ago, I actually took lessons, and am bunny-hill competent. It still just isn’t really my gig. I don’t like going fast. I don’t like to feel the least bit out of control. I’m terrified of falling, not to mention running into another skier/snowboarder. I’ll do it, because it’s a family thing, and I like my kids to see me doing something that kinda scares me, something outside of my norm. But, seriously….not my thing. So I have a really hard time motivating myself to find snow clothes, buy the (totally overpriced) lift tickets, and pay the exhorbitant equipment rental fees (don’t even talk to me about buying skis/snowboards/boots/helmets for the kids!!). I was thinking, the five of us could have a really amazing day at Disneyland for what this is going to cost.

Okay, so back to the story…..Sporting goods store #2. We’ve come back to the land of reality. I equipped all three kids with pants and gloves for just over what the first place wanted for one pair of snow pants. WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! I felt rather proud of myself. Then I came home and got on the resort website to get the lift tickets and rent equipment. I had that moment again of why-the-heck-are-we-doing-this? Then a technological glitch stepped in and I was totally ready to call it. Said some bad words. Texted Spouse my frustration. He wisely did not respond. Worked the stupid glitch out (note to self – sometimes the auto-fill will defeat you), and purchased the whole package for the five of us, which, yes, did involve putting in birth dates, height, weight, ability level, and shoe size for each person. DONE!

What a total pain. All this on the person who doesn’t really care, whose thing skiing just isn’t. Honestly, I’d rather sit in the lodge than slide down the side of a mountain, not to mention deal with chair lifts. Lord save me from chair lifts. Ever ski with an ASD kid? Yeah – it’s awesome, and at the same time, the worst sort of wear-you-out you could imagine. But come Saturday, we’ll be there, skiing and snowboarding. master snowboarders

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