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Friday Favorites #20

Hey Herd Friends!!! It’s been awhile since I did Friday Favorites two weeks in a row. This work thing, and life, are keeping me jumping! Last night, home a bit early from the studio with the Princess, I was falling asleep on the couch at 8pm. I called it…went upstairs, showered, read for a bit, and was lights-out at 8:45.  Yeah, that tired. But hey! It’s Friday afternoon. We made it! Cheers!! Here are your Friday Favorites for today:

  1. I’m giving you this post from Wine Everyday because I decided to give up weekday wine drinking for Lent. I know….what the heck was I thinking? Anyways, Friday is the weekend, right? Not a weekday? Please? I’m not a huge Pinot fan, but this looked good. I do like Mondavi. They make good wines in the everyday wine sort of way.
  2. Sarah at Running on Healthy has had a streak of bad luck when it comes to customer service. In a writer’s way, she’s letting you know about it. If you received bad (and I mean horrifically bad) customer service, would you shout it to the heavens? Anyways, she’s taking suggestions for good headphones. Can you help a fellow runner out?
  3. Cooper’s Mom, who writes at Finding Cooper’s Voice, can always be counted on for letting in to see what life with a special needs kid is. It’s heartbreaking, but also so honest. She shares the joyous moments too. When you’re a mom who blogs about your special needs kid, you end up with a community. I’m glad she’s let me be part of hers.
  4. Valentine’s Day is Sunday. Have you bought  your love a card or anything yet? I went shopping this morning, although we don’t do much around here as far as gifts go. It’s more about time and food and wine (for us, not the kids) than anything else. Running  Sunflower gives some good advice, acrostic style, in her post, Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day. How do you and your significant other celebrate? Do you do anything special for your kiddos?
  5. This post from A Momma’s View speaks for itself.
  6. Valentine’s Day changes when you’ve been married for a good long while. Take it from Nutsrok.
  7. I remember taking the kids, without Spouse, to Chicago. They were pretty little, so when I had to use the facilities, they had to come in with me. And wouldn’t you know, it was “girly” time of the month. And wouldn’t you know, one of them just had to ask, in the loudest voice possible, “Momma! Why are you bleeding from THERE??!!!” I was totally mortified. But I’ve been reassured the like has happened to almost every mom. Big Man and the Princess were the fabulous toddlers who wallpapered my hallway wall with maxi pads (true story). So, when I read this post on Motherhood, WTF?  I totally laughed.

I’m still in recovery over Cute Overload being gone. Sigh….I guess you get to see more of my pets in action. We’ve had weather in the high 80’s this week. That brings out creatures of all kinds in the backyard. The cats are entirely too happy to bring them inside for playtime. I’ve had to put my lizard-rescue hat back on….

Keela's prize

We’re off on the ski/snowboard adventure tomorrow morning. Wish me luck, and send good vibes my way! Happy Weekend!

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