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Something else that isn’t really my gig

Life is sometimes about stretching ourselves, right? Doing things that aren’t our norm, that are outside of our comfort zone, sometimes even doing things we think we don’t like helps us grow. Last weekend, I went skiing. This weekend, we are going camping in the desert. Yeah, something else that isn’t really my gig.

I HATE camping. I hate almost everything about it…I hate dirt, I hate bugs, I hate eating out of an ice chest (hello watery lunch meat – makes me gag just thinking about it), I hate all the prep and clean up. HATE IT!!  Four years ago, when Spouse said he wanted to take the kids to Yellowstone, I told him there was no way we were going with just a tent. He relented. We rented an RV. Guess what? I will never tent-camp ever again. We rented another RV a couple of years ago to go to the Grand Canyon. Some of our friends own RV’s, and we caved and got one too. This weekend will be our first trip out in our very own RV.

I still don’t like dirt. I still hate bugs. I’m sitting here making list after list of all I need to get and pack tomorrow. One of the top things on the list is a good broom. Another top item is an outdoor rug to put right outside the door of the RV. We won’t be eating out of an ice chest. The prep and clean-up issues are minimized by having an  RV – Yay for running water, a fridge, and a microwave. I’m even packing my coffee maker!

But camping still isn’t my gig, truly. I like the idea of sitting by a fire, but then the smoke always seems to get in my eyes, and everyone smells of fire pit smoke. We’re renting desert toys for the kids to ride. I don’t care to go out myself. I’ve gone out on quads – not really my thing. So it’ll be a lot of stuff that isn’t really my gig, but I’ll go, and I’ll do, because I know in the end, it’ll be fun, and it’s good for the kids to see their parents getting outside their comfort zones.

But yeah, dirt. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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