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Winning, and not so much

I warned you about our desert camping trip, right? That camping isn’t really my gig, just like skiing isn’t really  my gig? I already knew this going in…..RV camping doesn’t suck. Dirt still sucks. And it gets EVERYWHERE. And there is still the smell of smoke in everything worn within sight of the campfire. But, we had a pretty awesome weekend.

We rented Razrs to ride (UTV’s, with roll bars, and one had doors). I’m anti-quads, as is Spouse. But the Razrs were pretty fun. I actually had to drive one of them from the rental place back to the campsite. I went REALLY slow. Hah! After that, I left them to the kids, only taking one ride with Spouse.  My Princess has no fear whatsoever. Big Man – he’s a bit more cautious.  He drove much more slowly, and wasn’t keen on some of the hills the other kids took.

Camping with autism….hmmmm…..Little Man did okay. There were some wins – he did ride in the Razr a couple of times. He even drove one of them for a couple hundred yards.  He did engage with the other kids (there were eleven total) to some extent. He went back inside the RV when he was maxing out. Food, as ever, was an issue. But with the RV, we had a fridge, a freezer, and a microwave so that was manageable. He stayed in his bed all night, both nights. He had a couple of glitches, but nothing completely out of hand. I’m pretty sure his favorite part was not having to take a shower for two days (we didn’t have hookups there, so were conserving the water we did have in the tanks).

The RV definitely gives us more freedom with him. He has less anxiety. which means I have less anxiety. Everything is just so much easier to deal with than tent camping. We all can have our space, not to mention all the other amenities.

I wasn’t sure he’d have any interest in riding the Razrs. It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s dirty, there’s always the potential of tipping over. But there must have been something about the sensory stimulation he liked, because he went back out more than once.  He didn’t freak out. He didn’t lose it. He didn’t complain – too much – if someone went too fast. Strange how that works, right?

It’s when we got home the wheels came off. He wasn’t able to play with a few of his friends. We cut off electronics because he’d been on them a good amount over the weekend. And we made him take a shower….the perfect storm in his world. Yesterday morning, in spite of me reminding him three times, he forgot to take his medicines. I didn’t have a spare minute to drive across town to take it to him, so he and his team had to suck it up for the day. Yesterday was pretty rough. He’s fighting working on a book report project today, and I’m about over it. So we’re battling. But when I get really frustrated, I picture his face coming back in from a ride over the weekend, take a breath, and know it’s all gonna be okay.

2 thoughts on “Winning, and not so much

  1. Always wanted to camp in an RV, but was destined to use tents every time. We had everything from a pup tent, to a three-room 10×20 foot tent. My favorite part though, was the campfire. I have camped in cabins, but I don’t think that even counts.

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