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Focused Determination

Big Man made the Varsity golf team at his high school. We’re so proud of him and excited for him. He will earn his letter as a Freshman. That’s pretty cool. The years of lessons are paying off.

It’s all things golf around our house these days…weekends spent playing rounds at the club, hours spent watching the PGA tour, trips to the golf shop for a new wedge, a new 3-wood, a hitting net, a tee mat, new golf shoes, etc., etc., etc. He has practice with the team Monday through Thursday for two hours a day. Then he comes home and, after homework  is done, heads out to the backyard to practice hitting, putting, and chipping for at least another hour. He has focused determination to prove he deserves his spot.

He will be like this for a couple of months, and then the energy will run out. First, he’ll shorten his time in the backyard. Then, he’ll balk at going to the club Friday afternoon AND Saturday.  Then he will start to complain about practice. At some point, he will announce he can’t wait until the season is over.

I guess we all kind of go through this to some extent. I know I do it when I’m in a race training cycle. In the beginning, you’re so excited, so happy to try out new shoes, a new water bottle, new running clothes. You can’t wait to get out there for speed work, hill work, and your long run is the highlight of the week. But somewhere in the middle, you start to just do that heavy sigh on long-run morning. Maybe you could just skip this week. Or you make up an excuse to cut a run short. Then towards the end,  you’re just DONE and want race day to be here/over so you can take a few guilt-free days off of running or thinking about running.

I’m proud of his determination. I’m proud of his effort. I’m extremely proud my little Freshman is on the Varsity team.  Here’s to endurance enough to last the season.

4 thoughts on “Focused Determination

  1. Wow he’s gonna go far with golf I bet! Scholarship Maybe?! That is so awesome to have made varsity as a freshman! I’m super proud of him and he’s not even my kid!!

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