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“It’s SO Annoying!”

Ah yes, these were the words of the Princess in a conversation she and I had last week, with regard to her older brother. We were talking about the fact people just like him. He walks into a room expecting everyone will like and accept him, and guess what, they typically do.  I can see why that would be annoying to her. He’s a likable guy.  He doesn’t have to work very hard.  He’s charming, engaging, emotionally empathetic; he connects easily with all types and ages. There’s just something about him that people find approachable, easily-liked, easy-to-connect with.

It’s not that the Princess is a B. She totally isn’t – she’s sweet, funny, compassionate, engaging, and just plain nice. But she’s a girl. And girls are not nice to other girls. So there are girls who don’t like her, for whatever random reason. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a girl who can walk into a room expecting everyone to like her, and they do. Girls are snarky and competitive with other girls. It just isn’t going to happen.

I’m glad that she admires this trait  in him.  I get her envy of it. I too find myself wishing I had a tenth the social confidence he has. That’s not to say he can’t be shy and insecure. I see those things in him as well. But that’s entirely different than this.

I do think his NICU time helped create this quality in Big Man.  Maybe some of it was already in him, but I believe being handled by so many people every single day the first three months of his life just got him used to engaging.  The fact he’s so emotionally in-tune is to his advantage as well. People get when you’re  picking up on their cues. He definitely does that.

So yeah, it’s SO annoying that EVERYONE likes him, but it’s pretty awesome too.

Guess who went over 500 followers over the weekend???!!!!! Thank you so much! that totally made my weekend!

13 thoughts on ““It’s SO Annoying!”

  1. Haha, I’m jealous of Big Man too!
    My husband and my youngest are like this — they’re just incredibly likable and charismatic and charming, and well, that’s great for them, but Imma stay a jealous B 😉

  2. And because he’s a boy, if he wasn’t liked by everyone he probably wouldn’t care haha. Unlike us girls… UGH, it’s tough being female!

  3. Congrats on the follower milestone! That’s awesome!!
    I’ve decided that girls are the bane of my existence. Mine is awesome…apparently it’s girls PLURAL that annoy the hell out of me. We’ve dealt with more 5th grade girl drama this year than I care to recall (and mine’s only in 4th — next year looms large).

    • Thank you!!

      Ugh! Girls! Our girl drama started in first grade. It’s awful. She’s finishing middle school and we’re praying it’s a little better in high school but I’m not holding my breath.

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