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Friday Favorites 3.11.16

Told ya I was going to change from numbering these posts, mostly because I can never remember what number I’m on. So there. You can put your complaints over there —->

So, yes, Little Man’s party is in T-minus three hours. I’m reaching frantic stage, even though this is supposed to be low-key, and four of the five boys coming have seen my house in a much-worse state than it currently is in. Did I mention I’m still in my workout clothes from yoga class this morning? Yep, that kind of day. Also, we leave on vacation in 8 days. I can already feel the sigh I’m going to let go as soon as I sit down on that plane, because getting from here to there is going to be a marathon of work, running, taking the Princess to the studio and home again six times, follow-up appointments on this stupid lump, the Princess’ participation (aka, me driving her there and back three times) in the County Science Fair, and then just trying to pull everything together for the trip itself…..mail stoppage, house/dog/cat sitter, buying sunscreen, picking up swim trunks for the boys that actually fit, etc, etc, etc…

So, in the time I took to write that, I could have emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it. Sigh….Here’s the list for today. It’s a bit short, but go back and read the above and you’ll understand why.

  • I love Riddle From the Middle. This mom’s honesty about their journey – the joys and all the hard stuff – is inspiring and simply awesome. It can be a gut-wrenching read, like today’s post on Forever Family, but so beautiful.
  • Autism Warrior Mom 76 wrote a post today that I’ve lived, numerous times, not necessarily in a dance studio, but wherever Little Man chooses to spread autism awareness. I’ve learned along this journey there are many teachable moments, that most people who don’t know him, don’t deal with autism in their lives, will just be quiet because it can make them uncomfortable. If I’m calm, and come back to it with them later (never in the moment), they’re usually very accepting of learning about what happened and why. Go check out Why I Will Never Give Up….this is the real life of an autism mom.
  • Ahhh…Joey….she says it like it is. ย I love her post, This Grass Ain’t No Good No Mo. Yup. Good stuff.
  • This, Now, from HemmingPlay. Yes.
  • When my littles were little, I went through a no-television phase. Now I just laugh at myself. My kids watch tv. They’re also fine, smart, engaged, active kids. Dad at My Least Favorite Child Today has some good arguments for keeping television around for his twins. Good golly – his posts make me laugh.
  • Did you have *that* kid in your family that everyone couldn’t stand? Yeah. that kid. Check out Nutsrok. You’ll laugh. Karma is awesome.
  • The Wine Wankers…..mmmm…wine….Bucket list item is to go to Australia and drink Australian wine. I’m keeping a list based on their posts. What’s your favorite wine you’ve had this week? I’m obsessed with Legacy red from Josh Cellars right now. It’s a grocery store, nothing special happening kind of wine, but hey, that’s my life right now.
  • I have no animals for you this week. Someone needs to start another cute animal blog. I need resources!! If you’ve found some, let me know!

Happy Weekend!

11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 3.11.16

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out ๐Ÿ™‚ SO kind.
    Imma go see if I can find you a link to the sweetest/funniest animal meme I saw today. BRB.

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