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Slumber Party

Little Man talked us into a slumber party for his birthday celebration. He’s never asked for one before.  Parties are hard for him – he gets super excited, and that super excitement typically leads to a lot of anxiety. And he frequently shuts down during his actual party, with so much going on. But asking for a slumber party…we couldn’t say no. This, too, is a milestone for my sweet boy.

In 10 hours, five 9-12 year old boys will invade our house. We’re being very casual about it..pizza, cookies (he doesn’t like cake), and video games. Gone are the days of hand-made invitations, planned crafts, goodie bags, Pinterest-inspired cupcakes and decorations. We are past that stage, and I didn’t have the time this week to go overboard even if I were so inclined. Maybe it’ll be easier on him this way…no excessive excitement in the build-up. I just need to order and pick up the pizzas, and run to the store after my  yoga class this morning.

All the boys coming are great boys. They  know Little Man well, and seem to see past his issues. They’ve seen him in full-meltdown glory, but it doesn’t seem to phase a single one of them. He has surrounded himself with some really good kids. I appreciate each one of them.

I’d sworn off slumber parties after Big Man’s 10th, when we had 13 boys show up. It was your worst sleepover nightmare….and they were up until almost 3am. It’s taken me almost this long to recover. One of Little Man’s friend’s asked if they could “pull an all-nighter.” Unfortunately, he asked this question in my presence. You can guess what my emphatic answer was…NO!!

It’ll be fun. I’m sure it will get a bit loud. But the fact he asked for this slumber party….it makes me smile.  I’m trying not to think about him turning 12 later this month. My baby is not a baby any longer.

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