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They Want Her to Fly

The Princess starts high school in the fall. I’m still getting over Big Man being there, and now I have to wrap my brain around having TWO high schoolers. She’s ready. She’s been ready almost since the first day of her last year at middle school. She’s over it. She’s keen on being in a bigger pond. She’s watched her big brother this year, interested in all the activities and extra-curriculars he’s been involved with. She’s pretty specific about being active in high school….she says she wants something that is year-round – or close to it – but is also very specific about what she doesn’t want to do. She doesn’t want to do ASB. She did that last year, and feels it isn’t for her. She said no to the dance team. She doesn’t run. She isn’t into any contact sports, doesn’t play tennis or swim for anything more than recreation. Where does  that leave us? Cheerleading.

It’s funny…she knows I cheered in high school (Senior year). She’s never been interested before. A few years ago, when asked if she wanted to try cheering with the Pop Warner team, she said, “I’m not really the rah-rah type.” But at the beginning of this school year, she announced she was going to try out for the high school cheer team.

They’ve been holding cheer workshops on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons most of the school year. Her dance schedule has interfered with her attending, until a couple of weeks ago. She was super  nervous when I dropped her off – hesitant to get out of the car to walk across a portion of the parking lot with “all those scary high schoolers standing there.” But she finally took a deep breath, hopped out, and made it to the dance room unscathed. I picked her up two hours later…a smile lit up her face. “They said I would be a flyer!” Oh boy….Do you know what a flyer is? That’s the girl people are lifting up in the air, the girl they toss and pray they catch. Because she’s little and super flexible, she’s a perfect flyer candidate. Yeah. That. It made her that much more excited to get to tryouts.

Tryouts are this week. Let me just tell you, trying out takes serious effort. She has to be to the school before 6am, dressed and wearing make-up. She’s been getting up at 4:45 to make that happen. Spouse has been taking her. I pick her up after I drop off Big Man. She gets in the car every morning, grinning. She already made the first cuts, which were based upon grade point average, attendance, and behavior. Second cuts are this afternoon, based upon their scores from three mornings of learning a cheer, a dance, and jumps.  If she makes the second cuts, she will go again tomorrow morning, and then the real tryout tomorrow afternoon. We will know tomorrow night if she’s made the team. If that happens, she has another week of 6am – 7:15am tryout sessions for placement on either the Varsity or JV squads.

She’s excited. I’m excited and oh so nervous for her. I loved being a cheerleader, and hope she gets the chance to experience it. What will be will be. We’ll know within 36 hours. I’m a little freaked out at the prospect of her being a flyer, but can’t hold her back.

4 thoughts on “They Want Her to Fly

  1. Haha again I read from my phone and now trying to remember my original comment 😉 I can sooooo see her as the most adorable cheerleader ever! Wow that tryout schedule is killer! She is so brave, that is HUGE!

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