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Friday Favorites 4.1.16

Hey! Bet you thought (had hoped?) you’d never see another Friday Favorites from me, right? It seems strange to me that this time last week, I was sitting on our lanai in Kauai, celebrating Little Man’s 12th birthday (let that post slip by, didn’t I?). Did that trip really happen? But for the slightly tanned skin, a heap of laundry still sitting in my suitcase on my bedroom floor, and some sand in my flip flops, I could almost be convinced it didn’t happen. Oh yeah, the the 3.5 solid days of work I’ve had to do in order to catch up. To top all that off, it’s been kind of a weird week with Big Man back in school, but the younger two still out. I’m all out of whack, waiting for Monday to get back to our real routine. The next couple of months are going to be a whirl.

For your Friday enjoyment, here are my favs of the day:

  • I’m in the midst of training for a half marathon. That meant my running gear went with me to Hawaii. And yes, I actually did break from zip lining, beach time, and coastal hikes to get a few runs in, two of them long. The last one was SWAMPY! Warm, sunny, and super humid. I felt like I was running underwater, and I struggled. But I made a commitment to training this time, so I fought through. The first long run there, I’d gotten rained on towards the end. But I carried on. So when I ran across Running on Healthy’s (see what I did there?) post today, it definitely clicked. Are  you a runner? Do you run in weather? I used to be a fair-weather runner. I still don’t particularly like to run in the rain, but I’ll do it. I just keep thinking about race day, on which you never know what you’re going to get.
  • I know I link to Jason’s posts a lot, but in this time of election frenzy, this post of his today really struck me. I’m soooooo tired of this whole election already. I was tired of it six months ago, and we have six more months to go. It’s disgusting to me all the rhetoric that goes on while we need things to get done. Sigh. Opinionated Man states it way better than I ever could. Check it out.
  • I know Big Man’s story is not the only story of prematurity, nor of pregnancy gone wrong, yet somehow I’m surprised when someone I’ve known or followed for awhile shares their journey. Just goes to show, you never know, so ask, and listen. Linda G Hill began the story of her son’s journey today. I think she’s kind of amazing, and so is her Alex.
  • Yeah, it’s April Fool’s Day. I woke up with fear in my heart, although it seriously helps the level of shenanigans that two of the three aren’t in school today. Whew. Laura of Riddle in the Middle writes about the day, and her feelings on it. I love her post, because I feel exactly the same way.
  • This one made me smile. It was the first post I read today.  Hope it makes you smile too. Please come back and share your ATM.
  • I have yet to find a replacement for Cute Overload, but I do follow more than a few blogs involving pets, and cute pictures of pets. So here’s your weekly animal share, courtesy of So Many Books.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 4.1.16

  1. Thanks for sharing my post! Super excited that you are training for a half and that my post hopefully helped you out some. I have been dying to go to Hawaii. Sounds like such a magical place. Happy running!

    • It definitely helped this morning when o totally wanted to ditch my long run, especially when my calf cramped up between miles 1 and 2. Hawaii is a magical place. But you do feel like you’re running underwater with the humidity.

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