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April Showers

Little Man is autistic. Little Man has sensory issues. Little Man refused to take showers for years, saying it felt like rocks falling on him. No problem….he took baths instead. But it was always an argument, every single time. In normal kid fashion, he seemed averse to ever being clean. A bit over a year ago, he decided showers no longer felt like rocks falling on him, and he resumed taking showers rather than baths. It was still an argument. We didn’t make him shower every day. A) I didn’t feel the need to face that argument every single morning. B) Little kids just don’t get as sweaty and smelly as big kids, making daily baths unnecessary. But then he turned 12.

We made a rule with the older two, when they turned 12, daily showers would begin. Seems random maybe, but that was our cut-off, I think because the older two turned 12 soon after starting middle school. It seemed more important. Little Man had a bit of a reprieve in that he turned 12 in the middle of sixth grade. But we did inform him after his birthday, there will be daily showers.

When the kids went back to school last week, I mentally geared up for the daily fight over shower-taking. Guess what? He hasn’t argued or whined, not once. He just gets up when we wake him, and takes a shower. I’m pretty sure he even uses shampoo and soap. At least he smells good.

I’m kinda holding my breath every morning, waiting for those arguments to arise. But maybe he’s just accepted it. Maybe he’s okay with it, because he’s doing the same thing his siblings are doing. It’s normal. Does that make sense?

I’m no fool….there will be whining and fussing at some point. That’s just the way of things. But who’d have ย thought we’d get through nearly two weeks without one tiny bit of push-back? Go us!

11 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. I say bless him! I hope it lasts! Two of my kids hit puberty and showering twice a day became a thing. I’m not all about soaking bed sheets in vinegar, lol! Sometimes they protested, would rather wait til morning. I never relented. My goodness, if we love them so much and we think they smell, imagine what their classmates think!
    Anyway, I hope he continues to appreciate the addition to his new normal ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That’s fantastic! A huge step! My 6 year old autistic loves the water, but the minute it touches his face, all hell breaks loose. With time though, and consistency he didn’t have much of a choice. He still pushes and kicks but it’s getting easier…

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