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Friday Favorites 4.15.16

Good Lord – we made it to Friday. For a week that went by incredibly quickly, it’s also felt like it took a million years for five days to pass. I’m struggling mightily to focus – so many balls up in the air at the moment. Isn’t that rather typical though? How was your week? Weekend plans? Our community holds a community garage sale twice a year. The homeowners’ association takes care of all the signage and advertising. Residents just put their stuff out and handle the transactions. At the end of the morning, one of the donation places comes through with a big truck and picks up whatever you didn’t sell. Pretty good deal, right? Well, tomorrow is the day for the spring garage sale. I’m covered in dust and spider webs from gathering all the junk/unwanted/over it stuff we’re getting rid of. I don’t know how we come up with so much to get rid of every six months, but there you have it. I have two tables full of things for tomorrow morning, plus a sofa and love seat.

I’ve fought through the distractions and lack of focus (wait, is that a spider crawling across my forehead??!!!) to put together my favorites for this fine, sunny-in-Southern-CA day. Hope you enjoy!

  • I’ve been following Lillian at Hopes and Dreams: My Writing & My Sons almost since I started at wordpress. She’s doing the A-to-Z challenge this month, and I loved her post today. She did an awesome job of weaving a theme through multiple stories from her life.
  • Brittany at blissfulbritt could use some love. We’ve all been there…the blogging gods are NOT smiling upon us, life has gone wonky, changes are in the works. Go give her some encouragement.
  • In the US, it’s tax season. Our typical April 15th deadline was kicked back to Monday the 18th because today, D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day, and all the Federal offices are closed. So there’s a teeny reprieve, but it doesn’t take away the angst of tax time. bluebird of bitterness has some interesting stats. Now that sounds totally boring, but trust me, this post isn’t the least bit boring.
  • Stiletto Momma was worried she wouldn’t be able to come up with an M post for today, so she handled it like any grown up would.
  • As the mother of an autistic child with sensory issues, I frequently (daily) wonder what life is like from his perspective. I look to blogs written by adults on the spectrum, as well as those with anxiety or sensory issues. I find 21 and Sensory to be very insightful. In her post today, she answers questions others presented.
  • I’m adding today’s post on Diary of an Internet Nobody because the photos are so peaceful and pretty.

Your weekly animal photo is my whackadoo cat, Willie. It was raining outside. He wanted to be outside, but he did NOT want to get wet, so he sat right up on the door. Mission accomplished.

Willie in the rain

Happy Weekend!

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