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Under the lights

Cheer practice is in full swing for the Princess. Yes, she’s a flyer. Oy! Did I mention practice is at 6am every weekday morning?

I cheered my Senior year of high school. Growing up in a small, one-high-school-town, meant half the town at the field every fall Friday  night. I loved being part of the production, smack in the middle of the drama under the lights.

I listened to the Princess talk excitedly about the cheers and skills she’s learning. It was funny to hear how little cheers have changed in 25 years. I gave her some tips and tricks for remembering cheers, and differentiating when they kinda sound/start the same way. Then I pictured her, at a football game, under the lights. I told her how excited I am she gets to experience that.  There’s nothing really like it.

It wasn’t live or die to  me if she ever cheered. When she was adamant a few years ago it wasn’t her style, I’ll admit I was a little disappointed, but it really isn’t for everyone. I get that. I loved it. I think she will love it too.

Come fall, we will spend our Friday nights back under the lights, watching our Princess cheer her heart out. The football team may win, or they may lose. But she will be there, an integral part of her high school community.

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