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Friday Favorites 5.27.16

The countdown is seriously on, as noted yesterday.  Every minute of having to be a good school mom is sheer torture at this point. The end is in sight…..even though high school sport and dance will continue through the summer, we will have two glorious months off from carpools (carpool lines, idiots who still don’t know how to properly manage carpool lines), homework, backpacks laying in the floor, and weekly come-to-Jesus moments with the Big over accountability and actually handing in the homework he’s done. While we won’t have lazy, sleep-in mornings or regular beach days (we’ll be lucky to get beach afternoons), we will get something of a break from routine.

Given my current level of creative motivation, you’re lucky I read anything today, outside of the trashy novel I’m currently, momentarily, forcing myself away from. I did manage to pull it together for a little while this afternoon, and find some jewels to share this sunshiney Friday.

  • Yes, I’m nearing the end of a training cycle. Wahooo! We run the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon on June 5th. Sarah’s post, Mommy Doesn’t Quit, really spoke to me today. I run because I love the way I feel when I’m running, and the way I feel when I’m done. I run half marathons because I truly feel like I’ve accomplished something, and because, when I started running races, it was entirely out of my comfort zone. I  need my kids to see me doing things that scare me. I need my daughter to see me being a strong woman, and a healthy momma. Sarah says it way better than I just did. Go check it out. She’s an inspiring person who happens to be a badass running momma.
  • Geoff’s post at TanGental cracked me up today. He’s good at that. My married name gets massacred on a regular basis. Do you have a  name people can’t seem to get right?
  • I had to learn how to count money back in first grade. No lie. We had a pretend town in our classroom, and each student had a job. There was a grocery store, a post office, a flower shop, a courthouse, a library, and a police and fire station. We used fake money, and learned to count change. Then I worked retail in college. Yes, the register would normally tell us how much change to give back, but we HAD to count it back to the customers. Where did that skill go anymore? Very few people seem to be capable of it anymore. Joey  of Joeyfully Stated shares her experiences, and her opinion on the matter. Make sure you read all the way to the end – there’s a fun reward if you make it through.
  • Linda of Nutsrok tells it like it is when it comes to Vacation Men/Women   I actually dream of nights being home alone. Don’t get me wrong – I deeply love my family. But oh to eat, drink, watch, read what I want without disruptions, distractions, judgement, and noise…aaaaaaahhhhhhh..Maybe it’s time to send Spouse and the kids off on a camping weekend without me……
  • Sharing this one from A Small Press Life because, dessert.
  • Wins for kids with autism make my day. Over at findingcoopersvoice, there’s good stuff going on. Go cheer him, and his momma, on.
  • Your animal cuteness for the week is my cat, Willie. He’s had himself a banner week, bringing in not one, but two dead birds the other day, leaving half of a mouse in my entryway, and chasing three lizards into the house. Maybe I’ll start a “least favorite pet for the week” count/post. Anyway, this is Willie, keeping watch over the neighborhood from our courtyard wall.

Willie neighborhood watch

Happy Weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 5.27.16

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m so glad it resonated with you too. Being a mom and being a runner are two things that I feel can work together. I used to wonder if I was being selfish to take time to go for runs. But I think it makes me stronger and teaches my little girl that it is a great thing. Plus, that time alone really does make me come home a much better mom 😉

    • You have to take care of you so you have enough in the tank to take care of her. Took me a long time to realize that when my kids were babies.

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