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It Isn’t About the Race

My Dear Son –

In nine days, we will run the Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon. It’s been a rough training season, much like your first year of high school has been an ongoing battle. I want you to understand, this isn’t about the race. I want you to understand why we’ve been pushing you so hard this year.

Think of this race, and training for this race, as a metaphor of a life lesson we want you to learn sooner than later. When you’re training for a race, you  need to get up and get your runs in, even when it’s dripping rain, warm, or you’re tired. And you can’t ditch your run the minute you feel uncomfortable. You have to fight the mental battle, and push through. If you don’t train, race day will be much more difficult than it needs to be. Put the time in, do the work, prepare your mind and body.

I can’t run this race for you. I’ll be there by your side, but you have to do it. You have to run. I’ll support you as much as I can, but this is your gig. You’ll reach a point you’ll need to fight yourself, the desire to stop, to give in, to give up. We all get to that place at some point in every race. It’s then you need to draw out your own inner strength, pull from the people running alongside you, gather energy from the spectators along the race route cheering you on. Keep fighting. Keep running. The finish line isn’t that far away. The reward is in sight, but you have to keep fighting. You’ll get there; I know you will, and I can’t wait to see your face when that medal is placed around your neck, a sign of accomplishment.

Now take all that, and apply it to life. This is what we want you to learn….We can’t do life for you, but we’re here, supporting you and cheering you on, every step of the way. But you have to fight through. You have to reach down inside yourself, and learn to push even when you want to stop. Minimal effort does not equal maximum outcome. You can skate through, but you don’t win that way. Successful people are not those who’ve given the least of themselves. This is why we’ve been pushing you so much this year – pushing you to be accountable, to do the work, to live up to the potential you’ve shown, do what we know you’re capable of. This is why we aren’t letting you slide on minimal effort, excuses, or quitting.

There will be a day, all too soon, we aren’t able to be there constantly watching, prodding, managing. You need to do this. You need to be that fighter we know you have within. You have to motivate yourself. You  have to push yourself, even when you want to stop, give in, give up. The sooner you learn this and live it, the easier your life will be, and success will come, in whatever form is meant for your life. The time for coasting is over. Reach deep inside yourself, and learn again to battle. Run the race. Fight through. We’ll be there, watching, cheering, encouraging, and, yes, pushing.

I’m proud to be your mom. I can’t wait to cross that finish line with you.

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