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Friday Favorites 6.3.16

It’s JUNE!!! It’s my birthday month!! It’s also insanity personified…Big Man took his last final as a  high school freshman Wednesday morning. The other two are still in until the 9th. We had our last Parents’ Day at Lunch at the Princess’ middle school today. Last night was Open House at Little Man’s school. Next week brings a two field days, and a graduation ceremony. It’s also race weekend this weekend – Big Man and I will run the Rock n Roll Half Sunday morning. Wish us cool weather and a solid marine layer, please? It’s 97 degrees  here today – no bueno in running land. My brother and nephew are en route as we speak. Brother will be running the full marathon (yep, he’s completely crazy) while Neph will run the half with  us. On top of all this joyousness, our big fundraiser is next weekend. Nope, not busy at all, which explains why I’m sitting here holding my eyelids open with my fingers. I turned on some loud music hoping that will help. Also, I may need some carbs. Just realized I haven’t had any today, and ran 2.75 miles this morning. That explains it. I’ll be right back….

Oh yeah….pretzel thins and jalapeno Greek yogurt dip….Mmmmm…..Now I might make it to school pick up time.

Okay, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. Here’s the list of favorites for the week. Wanna know a secret, the reason why I do Friday Favorites? I write this post because it makes me really read a lot of posts at least one day a week. There. Now ya  know. And so, onto the list…..

  • All moms have their push-button issues, things that drive us over the edge. I almost spit my water all over the monitor when I saw this post a few minutes ago. A Momma’s View has it spot on today. My kids are pretty much guaranteed to hear me yelling when I find empty boxes in the pantry, much less one that still has something in it and a new, opened box sitting right next to it. If I find both of those situations at one time, I’m going to need to dig deep that day.
  • We deal with Little Man’s anxiety a lot, along with his feeling he has no value. This post at Autism Thoughts touched me so deeply. I pray one day Little Man has enough self-awareness to have this conversation with himself.
  • bluebird of bitterness nailed it yet again. lol
  • I’ve started following a bunch of dad bloggers lately. They’re awesome. I don’t tend to get Spouse’s take on this parenting gig, so I eat up posts from dads like they’re candy. This one from all in a dad’s work is fabulous. He posts questions from his kids, and his answers. #gigglefest
  • Speaking of dad blogs…..check this one out from My Least Favorite Child Today. I could, quite seriously, have him on this list every week. If you’re a germaphobe, you may want to skip this one….
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for new blogs/bloggers to follow. A Opinionated Man re-shares his meet-and-greet weekly, if I recall correctly. I’ve found tons of awesome stuff through this thread. Go share yours, or find some new writers to follow.
  • I’ve been missing some poetry posts lately. Keith Garrett at keithgarrettpoetry got me with this one today.
  • Lastly, it’s lizard season around here. We have two cats. That means lizards are regularly brought inside by said cats as “toys”. Often these toys end up dead. They almost always lose a tail. True story – I found a bunch of lizard-less tails under the banquet in the dining room. There’s currently a younger lizard hiding out underneath my fridge. Every time he tries to make a break for the sliding door, the cats pounce. If you know me, you know I don’t like lizards at all. They rate just above spiders in my book. But I’ve had to become rather adept at catching them, and releasing them outside, away from the cats. The entire time I’m transporting them on the dust pan, I’m calmly but firmly requesting they NOT jump. If they jump, all bets are off and good luck to ya. This all being said, your pet photo of the week  is a lizard I rescued recently.

lizard rescue

Send thoughts for happy, fast legs and feet for us Sunday morning! What are your weekend plans?

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 6.3.16

  1. I am truly honored and grateful to be shared among this group of great bloggers. I follow and read at least 4 of the others. They write some great stuff! I love lizards! I remember my trips to Fl. when I was a kid to visit my grandparents. Lizards would climb the screens and loved trying to catch them. Your cats are better at it than I ever was.

  2. No big plans.. oh, actually nothing on today but tomorrow will be big. Soccer game and then off to lunch at friends. Will be good 🙂 Thanks for including me in your awesome list!

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