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Just, nothing

I wanted to write about baseball walk-up songs today. Seriously, I’ve been trying to get to it for a week. But then Orlando happened, and my heart ached. Yesterday was a day of grief, exhaustion – mentally and emotionally, and was apparently enough time for everyone with an opinion to come out of the woodwork. This morning, post after post scrolled on my social media feeds – so much finger-pointing, vitriol, and anger, as well as some voices of reason, which were quickly jumped on with vitriol and anger. People saying we need more guns, people saying we need no guns. It’s quite obvious we, as a country, need to do something. I’ve never in my life seen the flag at half-staff so often because of mass shootings.  But people seem more content to call people with an opposing opinion stupid and ignorant (and that’s the lightest stuff I saw) than they are to actually sit down and have a rational, reasonable conversation that might actually solve some problems.

I’m empty right now. This election cycle has been draining enough. This just added fuel to the fire. This country used to be about respecting the right to have an opinion. Now it seems to be about coming up with the biggest, ugliest one-liner against someone who doesn’t see things the way you do. There’s no debate, it’s just spouting mean. I like debate. I detest what I see day after day on my screen. Yes, it’s my choice to engage in social media. But I should be able to check in on my friends and family – what their kids are doing, where they’re traveling, who they’re sharing a meal with – without having to see people tearing each other apart. Rhetoric is not discussion.

I have no words. It doesn’t even matter where I sit on the issues, nor politically. I just want the hate to end.

2 thoughts on “Just, nothing

  1. You think social media is bad; I spend a lot of time on the comment threads of the Gawker Media sites and they are just a cesspool of trolls, racists and rabid gun apologists.
    I’m very glad I managed to get my wife and daughter over here before America implodes on itself.

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