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I didn’t realize it mattered that much

Little Man had a great week at tech camp last week. It was worth every penny to know he was engaged, and doing something he loved, even if he was a challenge to his instructors at times. If you’re looking for a great tech camp, and the price tag doesn’t freak you out, I highly recommend iDTech camps. Best camp experience ever.

They held a family showcase the last day of camp. We met the instructors, were shown the classroom they’d spent the week in, and then Little Man gave us a presentation on what he’d created and learned all week. In the course of the afternoon, his instructor presented each student in LM’s group with a diploma of sorts, outlining what struck him most about each child, and how that will apply in the coding world. LM didn’t seem too interested in the whole process, except the part of showing us what he’d learned and made. Honestly, I didn’t understand even 5% of what he was talking about, but I knew he was happy, in his world. He’d done well.

We left for my Daddy’s the next morning. We arrived, unloaded the car, and headed for the kitchen, which is our usual protocol for a Daddy and Mom/Papa and Grandma visit. There on the counter sat LM’s diploma and certificate from camp. He’d put it there, knowing Papa and Grandma would see it. I didn’t realize it mattered that much to him. He was so proud of himself, but very quiet about it. The fact he’d made a point of showing them his certificate made it very clear. And my heart swelled.

He loved that camp. He was proud of himself. That doesn’t happen often with him. He spends more time focusing on his challenges, and he rarely gives himself kudos for his wins. This was a big win for all of us.

I keep thinking about seeing those certificates on the counter. I didn’t even know he’d brought them with him Saturday morning. I’m just so happy we found something that was just right for him. And I’m so happy he took pride in something he did.

2 thoughts on “I didn’t realize it mattered that much

  1. I think there’s often a difference between wanting praise and congratulations from others, and just quietly looking on your own achievements and seeing that they are good. I’m sure LM deserves all the praise he gets, but that act of carefully arranging his diplomas on the counter, that tells me that he’d probably be just as happy knowing that he had passed whatever test he set himself and THAT was what he wanted people to know.

    I’m probably way off the mark, but sometimes, having others know that you have passed the challenges you set for yourself, is just as important as passing those that others set for you.

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