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The Next Four Years

I’ve been dropping the Princess off at the high school nearly every weekday morning all summer, so why this morning the tears? I watched her walk away from the car towards her cheer team, in her uniform, and that huge throat lump formed, the eyes started watering. She’s more than ready for high school. I, however, am not so ready for how quickly the years are flying. Today was the first day of school for her and for Big Man.

Ry and G first day back to back

So much is going to happen in her life over the next four years.  She will likely have as many firsts in these four years as she did her first four years of life…..first time cheering at a football game, first Homecoming, first dates, first boyfriend, first kiss (YIKES!), first heartbreak, getting her driver’s license. She will grow so much, really establish who she is, push to become independent, get ready to be out on her own.

I’m so excited for her, excited to watch what life will bring her way. I’m also terrified. While we’ve worked hard to lay a solid foundation for her to rely on, we don’t have control over those who will step through her life. She will make her choices and decisions. We will do our best to guide and support her.

I told her the other day I’m envious in some ways; she has so much ahead of her to look forward to. At the same time, I also told her you couldn’t pay me enough to go through it again.

The next four years are going to go by so quickly.  I know I will have many more mornings of tearing up over yet another first in her life. I’m excited to watch her spread her wings, but I also wish I could hear that tiny little girl’s voice one more time, remember exactly how it was to watch her take her first steps, hold her in my arms while she sleeps once again.

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