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Another New Season

Something happened yesterday that normally I would have been here, writing away, within the hour. But as I started towards my computer, I realized I couldn’t do it, even if I’d written it from my perspective. Do you know how hard it is for a writer to process something when she can’t write about it, at least not the way she used to write about stuff like that? Sigh….this mothering of teenagers is hard!

We’ve been facing a few new challenges/adventures/experiences this school year. But as my blog is connected to my social media accounts, and as the older two herdies have their own social media accounts (with which I am “friends”), I’ve realized I can’t blab the way I used to. I’ve been a blogger for eleven years. It’s always been from my perspective, and I’ve never set out to embarrass or humiliate them. They have now reached a certain age, a certain presence in the world I don’t feel right sharing even my experience of all their experiences. Does that make sense?

Maybe someday they’ll choose to become bloggers, and will write about it themselves. And maybe someday we will reach yet another new stage I’ll feel free to hammer away at these keys. Oh, don’t get your hopes up I’m done writing about my herd. You may just be hearing it differently for awhile. I don’t feel I can share everything the way I’ve shared it before, unless they give me explicit permission.

I will tell you this…Yesterday was a rough one for the Princess. There was a tearful phone call, some ice cream, some french bread (cuz that’s how she rolls), her bestie and bestie’s mom over in the afternoon with candy and lots of laughter. She knows we have her back, and she had a better outlook today.

Don’t worry  – The Herd isn’t going anywhere. It’s just going to maybe sound a little bit different.

3 thoughts on “Another New Season

  1. On behalf of your kids, thank you for preserving their dignity and privacy.
    Too many people share too muddy about their children on the internet. Well done for not.
    Good luck with whatever challenge it is you cannot write about

  2. I can’t tell you how many wonderful, amusing, heart-tugging posts I’ve had to trash because I didn’t want a family member to read them and be hurt. Family comes before readership – says the lady who obsesses about stats, but a million views can’t make up for stomping on the feelings of a loved one.

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