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Trusting him

I did say I would keep more and more of what goes on with Big Man and the Princess private out of respect for them. I didn’t say I would keep EVERYTHING private. Hahaha

One of the milestones of teenagers is getting that learner’s permit and learning to drive. We are there now. Big Man got his permit a month ago, and had his first lesson with the instructor last week. That means Spouse and I are spending a good amount of time in the passenger seat with him behind the wheel.

I’m not as nervous as I’d thought I would be. If you’d asked me a year ago what I would be like teaching him to drive, I’d have told  you his dad would probably have to bear the brunt of the training. But it really isn’t too bad. I think I’ve been rather calm. Big Man might tell you something else. I’ve only pushed the imaginary brake on my side of the car twice in the four times I’ve gone with him. He’s pretty conservative and cautious, which totally works right now. There generally isn’t much traffic when we’re on the road either, which  helps immensely.

I realized this morning when he’s driving, I’m placing my life in his hands. Whoa. He is in control of a big machine, surrounded by other people in big machines. And he’s just learning how to operate that big machine. Mistakes are to be expected when someone is learning. The scary part is a driving mistake can result in an accident. I try really hard to not go there when I’m in the passenger seat and he’s driving. I am learning to trust him in a way I’ve never had to before. I think the fact I’ve been so calm shows I do trust him with this.

Like I said the other day, we are definitely in yet another new season. Being in the passenger seat while he drives is a new normal for us. We’re adjusting. I guess we’d better do that quickly, especially considering the Princess will have her learner’s permit too in just over six months!

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