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Maybe we just needed this

Little Man is sick – like, under house arrest sick. Nothing life-threatening, and he isn’t completely  miserable, but he definitely can’t be around anyone. We were supposed to go to Arizona this weekend – spend a night with my Daddy and Mom, and then head to Tucson for a weekend at the University of  Arizona with friends and the football game tomorrow night. When I took Little Man to urgent care wednesday night and found out he was really sick, we knew we wouldn’t be making the trip. He cried, buckets. I barely held the tears in check. Spouse, Big Man, and the Princess left without us at 4 this morning. I just got the text they’ve safely arrived. Not gonna lie – I’m pretty bummed we aren’t there, aren’t getting ready to hang out by the pool, float in the lazy river, have lunch at  Gentle Ben’s, walk the campus, watch the basketball game in a bar with all our friends.

You know what though? It feels kind of okay to be home. We can’t go anywhere. We have nowhere to be, nothing we  have to do. We have a quiet weekend ahead. I think this calls for movies, comfort food, wine for the momma, a bit of work, reading some blogs, maybe getting my own writing in, enjoying the beautiful weather we’re having, and just enjoying the calm. I might finally finish the hallway paint I started over a year ago.I might get a chance to prep our guest room since my mom is coming for an extended visit next week. I may just nest on the couch and power my way through the four-book series I got a few weeks ago. I might catch up on  This is Us, Speechless, and all the other shows I’ve fallen behind on, or meant to watch. There may be a Pride & Prejudice viewing in order as well.

I have the classical music playing on my Pandora. After this crazy week, it feels right to not hear words, to be calm and peaceful, to let myself find and feel joy. I read my devotions with my coffee in my favorite coffee mug in the total quiet this morning. It was awesome. I have no makeup on, and don’t plan on  changing that today. I could put  my jammies back on right now, and no one would notice or care.

I feel awful Little Man is sick. But you know what? Maybe we just needed this. Maybe we needed a weekend of just being, rather than running around, hearing all the noise, pushing to get this or that done. We’re stuck at home for at least three more days, and it isn’t totally terrible. (You may want to talk to me again on Sunday when I’m completely over it – Hah!).  The next seven weeks or so are going to be insane. Maybe this is just what we needed to prepare for that.

8 thoughts on “Maybe we just needed this

  1. I spent my morning with Bach and Tchaikovsky, oh yes ma’am I did. I am so sorry you couldn’t go on your trip, but I am glad you’re enjoying the downtime. I hope he will get better quickly. It’d be nice if he could enjoy his weekend 🙂

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