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Good friends of ours lost their young son last night to a rare, incurable, horrible brain cancer. Spouse and I have both stumbled through our day today. I find myself in moments of disbelief, glazed and incapable of doing “normal”. I’ve wondered with other friends how any parent survives this loss. It hurts so much just being on the friend side of it.

My prayers yesterday wound down from long sentences, to hours of just, “Please, God.” And then this morning, the words were there. The dear boy had gone to be with Jesus last evening. Our hearts broke. We know him. We’ve laughed with him, swam with him, shared meals and football games with him and his brother and his parents. We’ve watched him grow from infant to a sweet young man, whose smile was absolutely contagious.

Loss isn’t new. I was heavily reminded of when my sister passed. I pray she is there for him as he reaches Heaven. But even that picture brings tears to my eyes.

I’ve known other parents who have lost their children. I found myself wondering yet again how such a terrible, indescribably painful thing could  happen to such amazingly good people.

In it all, I’m reminded, we aren’t promised today. We aren’t even promised all of today. Knowing that makes it a lot easier to say “I love you”, say “I’m sorry”, say “You’re forgiven”, to let go of the past, and treasure this very moment we’re in. I’ve spent today doing what needed to be done, but also checking in on my own babies a bit more than usual. It’s quiet around here today.

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