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Yes, I am still alive. I’ve been on an unintentional blogging hiatus. We’re all fine, I promise. There’s just been so much……and much that I could, but don’t feel yet comfortable writing about, some things I needed to keep to myself, deal with without putting it on blast. This parenting of teens gig is tough, and I’m learning sometimes we all  need to just huddle and manage within our own little herd.

Also, we traveled over spring break, and while there was some access to wi-fi, we needed time away from the outside world. The trip was everything we needed it to be – family insulation. We drove, we hiked, we biked, we laughed, we played games, we watched movies, we talked. The kids did snip at each other – hard to not lose patience when you’re all confined to an RV rather than a home with all kinds of corners to retreat. But it was an amazing, awesome, beautiful trip.

Someday maybe I’ll share what we’ve been dealing with. Again, it’s nothing super serious, just growing pains. There have been so many emotions, days of worry and anxiety, some anger, some tiny fears. We’re okay, and I will be back, I promise. Just taking some time to handle things WITH my babies rather than processing them on a screen through written words.

I will leave you with this….the Herd hiking in Arches National Park, Utah.


9 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I always enjoy seeing your posts in my inbox and had noticed your absence. Life happens and family comes first. I hope all is well and will look forward to seeing you post when life calms down.

    • Thanks Sarah. Just some stuff we needed to deal with I didn’t feel was up for public consumption at the moment. Maybe in a few years – when we can laugh about it from a distance – I’ll share what the road has been like the last few months. Hugs!

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