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Checking Out

We have been on non-stop go since Christmas. Yes, Spring Break was just a few weeks ago, and we did take a trip, but it was work getting ready for that trip, and work when we got back. Then I had a HUGE work event  on Friday, followed the  next day by a fundraiser we hold at our home every year.  Took me three days to dig out from those, and there’s still event-reconciliation for both to accomplish. Here’s the thing – my mind and body both said “NO!” this morning. I’m tapped out. Exhausted – physically and mentally. So I declared today a check-out day. Do you ever take those?

I take maybe two check-out days a year. That doesn’t include summer days by the beach or pool, etc. This is me, at home, doing nothing. So much harder, because every domestic chore stares me in the face all day. It takes discipline to be home and take a check-out day. It’s good for the soul, trust me. I know every once in a great while, I need a check-out day, where I put responsibilities aside as much as possible, and just laze mentally and physically. Today has been that day.

I did get two kids up and out, including making breakfast. Once Little was delivered to school, I returned home to my lovely couch, coffee, and the Today Show. Oh, I did put a load of laundry in, and I did actually work for about an hour, but then it was on. Couch surfing time. I binged five of the twelve episodes of  This Is Us I have on the DVR. I had lunch. I did swap the laundry to the dryer. And I also begged my neighbor for a cold Diet Coke since my kids drank all we had, and I didn’t have it in me to drive the 3/4 mile to the 7-11 up the street. I even went and got the mail from the box down the street. But other than that, I’ve been checked out.

I just did an evaluation of my motivation level – still not there. So I’m going to cut myself some slack. I don’t have to be super-person every day. Some days, you just need to let it all go. It will still be there tomorrow. Dishes don’t walk themselves out the door. Dry laundry can stay in the dryer for a bit -that’s what the 20 minutes cycle is there for, isn’t it? And dinner? Well, since Spouse has an event, I have a distinct feeling it’ll be a take-out kind of night. Tomorrow, I will be back to regularly-scheduled programming.

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