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Limping toward the finish line

We are, literally and figuratively, limping toward the finish line of this school year. God, it’s been a rough one. I thought last year was bad. Apparently this year saw last year and said, “Here, hold my beer.” This Herd is DONE. Toast. Finis. Exhausted. Drained. And oh yeah, I am limping.

You see, two days after the Bigs finish school, Big Man and I will run the Rock n Roll Half in San Diego again. My training was a bit derailed last week. I headed out for a four-mile easy run Thursday. I immediately felt pain in the left side of my left knee, and my left Achilles tightened up too. I tried to work through it, slowed down, and then stopped to stretch, but it just hurt. I made it all of .88 miles before I caved. At just over four weeks til race day, I wasn’t going to risk injury. And it really freaking hurt.

I hate when I have to stop a run because of pain. My whole day goes downhill. I was able to get out and finish four miles on Friday morning, but it wasn’t easy. There wasn’t any pain, but there was discomfort. I had to mentally fight to the end. Same happened on this morning’s 5-mile easy run. I was super slow, my muscles didn’t loosen up until mile 3. I will admit, I was tense, afraid the pain from last Thursday would return. I’m so not where I want to be mentally and emotionally with running right now. I’m afraid for this race, afraid I’ve put too much pressure on myself. I’m a little scared.

As for school…we’re usually beat up by this point. That’s nothing new. What is new is the level of being drained we are all at. It’s bad. The Bigs have four more weeks of school – 18 more school days. Big Man just finished the second of two AP exams this morning. The Princess has hers this Friday. In a few weeks, they face final exams. Blessedly they don’t seem to have the level of end-of-school-year projects they’ve had in recent years, thank the  Good Lord. It’s been a brutal year for both of them – academically for Big Man, socially and emotionally for P. We’re all ready to be done, to put this year behind us, chalk it up to life lessons and growing pains, and kiss it goodbye. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, 16/17 school year.

Little Man has 6.5 weeks of school. Yep, you read that right. He isn’t out until June 20th. I can’t remember when my kids were in school that late – past my birthday this year. Insanity. That’s 18 days AFTER the older two finish. Utterly ridiculous. I’ve been whining about it since the calendar was released last year. Then, get this, because they are aligning the middle and elementary school calendar with the  high school calendar, he will have just eight weeks of summer, as opposed to ten or eleven. Again, absolutely ridiculous.

He’s struggling right now, again. His SAI sent me an email the other day he’s back to leaving the classroom quite a bit again, spending a significant amount of time in the great room rather than in his class, doing what he’s supposed to be doing. She said he seems more stressed but he can’t express why. We have seen an increase in his anxiety level at home. I have no idea what the source is for his stress. He does tend to go a little sideways the closer we get to the end of the school year, but who knows.

I have no energy. I’m tired. I’m over the morning routine and homework battles. I’m tired of thinking about carpools, 6am cheer, and test scores. The kids are tired too.

You know, some years we come sliding across that finish line with a bang. We’re beat up, but we fight to the end. We might make it by the skin of our teeth, phoning it in on whatever we can. But this year, we’re limping. It’ll be a close thing. I know we’ll get there, but it ain’t gonna be pretty.

8 thoughts on “Limping toward the finish line

  1. Oh goodness, reading this made me exhausted for you! And only 8 weeks of summer? That really stinks. Everyone needs a break! I hope you are feeling better soon. After a few days, I wouldn’t be afraid to try a little heat with the stretching. I know how frustrating that can be when you have a race on the horizon!

    • We do need a break – more than just 8 weeks, especially when you factor in high school sports schedules!
      Thanks for the tip! Using a little heat tonight – I think it’s mostly the IT band, but I’ve never had an issue with it on my left leg, always my right. Random, and so frustrating!

  2. I know these feelings very well, apart from the running bit. I don’t often run intentionally. I live with two runners though, and know you should be babying your owie and decreasing your intensity. But that’s just pulp from the magazines. I have no real life applications except restraining Moo. Heh.
    Performing arts will also stretch out to summer, shortening it some :/
    I’m moving my girls to alarm clocks this August. If they want to be driven, they’ll rise on their own. Otherwise, they can walk. I babied them two years longer than their older siblings. I like sleep. I am a good person, I deserve sleep 🙂

  3. Firstly, I hope your leg sorts itself out and you are up and running asap. End of school year does have that feel to it.
    Secondly, OMW you finish school so early in the US!! My children get 6 weeks of summer holiday, starting the last week of July, going back the first week in September. What on earth do you do with them for so long? What about working parents? I’d love for my children to have shorter school days and longer holidays though. The school system here is way too pressured.
    If a longer break is the norm though, I can understand your upset. The end stretch of the year regardless of when it is is always a struggle. Good luck.

    • Thanks – mental challenge with the leg too, but I’m sure it’ll all be okay. Four weeks til race day!
      Six weeks only???!!! Wow. There are lots of summer programs around here for parents who work. I haven’t worked full time since my oldest was in Kindergarten, so we’ve been able to manage breaks. My older two will be busy with high school sports over the summer. My youngest will go to tech camp for a week. Somehow, it just works out.

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