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I am a mom of a certain age…..I’ve carried and birthed three children, and, well, I’m not so  young anymore.  I’ve always tried to keep myself in good shape, to a certain size/weight.  But with age comes changes we can’t always control, no matter how much we try.

I checked out this summer, busy with just living and enjoying the people around me. I didn’t exercise much, ate what I wanted when I wanted, imbibed adult beverages a little more than usual. Put myself on the scale this past Monday. Ouch. Let’s just say I’d given myself a red line for my weight – that number I simply could not go above. Well, I’m above it by a couple pounds, which isn’t bad, except I just really did not want to be above that red line. Dang it anyways.

Saw my girl doctor yesterday. Talked to her about the weight gain the last couple of years. She just smiled, and then let me know women, on average, gain ten pounds at this point in life. What in the ever-lovin….NO THANKS!

I put myself back in gear this week, getting back to Pilates, getting back to running, and getting back to my normal eating routine. Haven’t lost a single ounce, which is a bit depressing. I told myself though, it took two months to gain those lbs….they aren’t going to come off in four days. I’ll keep trudging along.

Here’s the deal – as we women get older, our bodies change, again. It’s not really fun, but I’m trying to be gentler on myself while at the same time not giving in. I refuse to go crazy though – life is too short to spend it denying myself every good thing.  I’m not cutting out all carbs. I’m not going vegan. I’m not trying to con myself into thinking cauliflower “rice” and zucchini “pasta” are better than the real thing. I’m not working out two hours a day. I’m not eating lettuce morning, noon and night. I am taking Pilates three times a week. I am running or walking four or five days a week. Yoga starts in two weeks. I am drinking water all day. I’ve cut out the sodas again. Sweets were never really a downfall for me. I have re-added fruits and veggies back into the routine for snacking. My FitBit reminds me to keep moving.

I will re-shape me from this place I’m currently in. And I will also learn to accept I’m never again going to look like I did when I was 20, 25, 30, or even 40.  At the same time, I’m going out swinging. I refuse to just fold up shop and start wearing mumus.  So you can take that, aging process.

10 thoughts on “Re-Shaping

  1. Haha! I love this post! I’ve actually had a mumu for years, and to make matters worse — it was my MIL’s! I wear it when I’m getting ready. 😉
    I especially loved the way you talked about food, like food is not the enemy and you’re not going to cut all of anything out or do anything drastic. Same.
    I haven’t altered my behavior at all the last three years, but I seem to grow thicker. I, too, have heard the doctors mumbling about women of a certain age, and for my age, and at this stage.
    Even I, despising anything that actually feels like exercise for the sake of exercise, have been forced to take up more of it, intentionally, so I am not a blob or ‘at-risk’ by 50. Now I can’t just swim, shoot hoops, play tennis, or walk outside when the weather’s nice. I gotta move a lot, every frickin day. Weights have been added. Ugh.
    I have to say, the thing I hate most about exercise daily is sweating — so much hair washing is not what my hair is all about! Gah.
    I do not WANT to make these choices in terms of happiness and satisfaction, living well and all that, but there’s a certain line for everyone and it’s good to reevaluate what’s working. A lot of our small choices add up and so I think you’ve got a good plan.
    I NEED TO LOVE ONLY COFFEE, TEA, and WATER, but um, I don’t. That’s my struggle. Well that, and the way I’m supposed to sit on the arm extension machine. lol
    Great post! Good luck getting back under your line. 🙂

    • Thank you! I might consider a mumu for getting ready. Those hot flashes are no freakin joke!
      I’ve watched other women maintain and even lose weight at this age but at such cost, with programs that seem extreme and absolutely no fun. I refuse to do that. Weight training has been added here too. My abs are crying! As for beverages – wine is my downfall but I’m not giving that up either. Haha. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love this! I’m so freaking tired of cauliflower rice lol! I’m going through some of the same issues. I worked out a lot over the summer. Gave myself 1 cheat day per week. Haven’t lost a pound! 😡

  3. I love this post and your response to your doctor! So glad you enjoyed your summer and had fun. Nothing wrong with that. It also always feels great to get back into the swing of things and take care of ourselves. Good for you!

  4. Thank you for this! I’ve been combing through iPhoto today (deleting all those fuzzy or duplicate shots) and was being pretty critical of my own pics from the summer. I know I’ve put on weight, I’m not deluded, but staring at it in a photograph makes it REALLY real, you know?
    I’m hoping to find your motivation to get moving again, though.

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