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Something else they didn’t tell me

When you’re going through fertility stuff, you get to go through lots of bloodwork. When you’re on hospital bedrest for sixteen days, you get one or more IV’s, all of which are moved every two or three days. When you get a severe staph infection, you get a PICC line for four weeks (which might take three or four tries, including a trip to a surgery unit to finally get it in) accompanied by once-a-week bloodwork to check the status of said staph infection. Now, there were a lot of things they didn’t tell me when I was on that hospital bedrest, nor when Big Man was born 14 weeks too soon, nor when I was recovering from that severe staph infection. One of the things they didn’t tell me was that, for probably the rest of my life, my veins will roll and collapse when getting blood drawn or an IV line put in.

Phlebotomists and nurses get all excited when they see my veins. They look nice, pretty, and totally accessible, until they try to access them. Then forget it. Bye-bye veins. It’s not fun to them. It’s seriously not fun for me. I warn them, but almost to a t, they don’t believe me until they go to put the needle in.

I had to have blood work this morning. Right away, a pretty vein showed up on my left arm, but as soon as the nurse went to put the needle in, it disappeared. I told her what had happened to me, and this was not out of the norm anymore. She was really nice and worked with me, using the baby  needle and holding my arm in just the right spot. She got it in on the second go.

I’m whining. I get it. Worse things could have resulted from those experiences seventeen years ago. Quite honestly,  this is just an annoyance I rarely have to deal with anymore. But it’s a reminder, every single time, of 21 days of IV’s, four weeks of a PICC line, and just about everything else that went wrong that September. And it’s just something else they didn’t tell me would happen.

7 thoughts on “Something else they didn’t tell me

  1. Oh my gosh! This couldn’t have come at a better time. Three weeks ago I went in for preterm labor and the nurse was oohing an aahing at my veins. But every time she went to get one she kept saying they disappeared. After several minutes of poking and prodding and my trying to focus on other things and ignore, my body had enough and I started to sweat profusely, get very nauseous, and pass out. It was horrible! So guess what happened when I went into labor again last week?! I’ve never had issues with needles. When you go through fertility treatments, that certainly becomes pretty normal, right?! But good grief, I din’t realize that was a side effect from the past. I felt like I was mentally doing something to mess it up!

  2. That’s awful. I’m sorry for you. 😦
    I have dreamy veins, easy peasy, and I’m much more grateful for them than I had been.
    You know, it seems odd, talking about infertility between two women with 7 children combined, but I actually went to the fertility clinic. We didn’t go through with it, but I went, had the talks, took the big book home…
    Not mentioned in the packet. Nope.

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