Friday Favorites 6.17.16

First off, I just had to laugh at myself, because, the day before my birthday, I had to look at the calendar to check what the date was for the title of this  post. Good golly, yes, it’s summer! The Princess’ cheer coaches blessedly decided Friday morning practices weren’t a necessity. Can I get an Amen? The Herd (excepting Spouse) was able to sleep in this morning. It was glorious!

How’s your week been? It took me three days to recover from the end-of-school insanity and the big fundraiser we hold every year – which was last Saturday. I was that deep-reaching kind of exhausted. I took a 2 hour  nap Sunday, a 1-hour nap Monday, and I was still completely out before 10pm Monday night. I’m giving myself a week to get everything in the house back where it goes. I think I’m finally back to normal.

This week, I have a complete mix for you as far as posts I’m sharing. Kinda goes along with my theme of being all over the place this week.

  • I’d picked all my favorites for the day, when a few new posts popped into my feed. I, of course, checked them out before starting in on this. And I found this on kelzbelzphotography which is ironic as I was having one of those days of “uh, yeah, not really sure I like him much today.” If you’re married, why did you marry your spouse?
  • Sarah at Running on Healthy is one of my running heroes. She’ll be running a marathon tomorrow, and leaving her precious baby girl for the first time. Go cheer her on, and if you’re a parent, share some advice how to manage the guilt the first time you’re away from baby.
  • Sunday is Father’s Day. I haven’t written my Daddy post yet, but trust me, my Daddy’s kind of amazing. Peg at Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings  wrote an awesome post in honor of her dad. Love this one. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!
  • Joeyfully Stated captures just one way having children will humble the heck out of you.
  • The title for today’s post on Fisticuffs and Shenanigans had me completely intrigued. Then it had me spitting my water all over my computer screen.
  • I must need humor today, or am in a funky mood and am finding the most random stuff completely amusing. This at Square Peg in a Round Hole also resulted in some water-spitting.

I have no animal photos this week. Have I mentioned the level of tired going on around here? I will tell you the Damn Cat has been leaving more “treasures” around the house this week. Today, there was a mouse butt in the entryway. I kid you not…just the back end of a mouse. I can’t make this stuff up. I think he’s still trying to prove  his worth after we fired him  upon returning from our Hawaiian vacation to find a mouse had taken residence behind the refrigerator. Oh, and we finally captured the lizard that had been trapped in the dining room for two weeks. He’s been safely re-homed outside where he belongs. He seems the type to be a repeat offender though. Time will tell.

Happy weekend!


Friday Favorites 6.3.16

It’s JUNE!!! It’s my birthday month!! It’s also insanity personified…Big Man took his last final as a  high school freshman Wednesday morning. The other two are still in until the 9th. We had our last Parents’ Day at Lunch at the Princess’ middle school today. Last night was Open House at Little Man’s school. Next week brings a two field days, and a graduation ceremony. It’s also race weekend this weekend – Big Man and I will run the Rock n Roll Half Sunday morning. Wish us cool weather and a solid marine layer, please? It’s 97 degrees  here today – no bueno in running land. My brother and nephew are en route as we speak. Brother will be running the full marathon (yep, he’s completely crazy) while Neph will run the half with  us. On top of all this joyousness, our big fundraiser is next weekend. Nope, not busy at all, which explains why I’m sitting here holding my eyelids open with my fingers. I turned on some loud music hoping that will help. Also, I may need some carbs. Just realized I haven’t had any today, and ran 2.75 miles this morning. That explains it. I’ll be right back….

Oh yeah….pretzel thins and jalapeno Greek yogurt dip….Mmmmm…..Now I might make it to school pick up time.

Okay, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. Here’s the list of favorites for the week. Wanna know a secret, the reason why I do Friday Favorites? I write this post because it makes me really read a lot of posts at least one day a week. There. Now ya  know. And so, onto the list…..

  • All moms have their push-button issues, things that drive us over the edge. I almost spit my water all over the monitor when I saw this post a few minutes ago. A Momma’s View has it spot on today. My kids are pretty much guaranteed to hear me yelling when I find empty boxes in the pantry, much less one that still has something in it and a new, opened box sitting right next to it. If I find both of those situations at one time, I’m going to need to dig deep that day.
  • We deal with Little Man’s anxiety a lot, along with his feeling he has no value. This post at Autism Thoughts touched me so deeply. I pray one day Little Man has enough self-awareness to have this conversation with himself.
  • bluebird of bitterness nailed it yet again. lol
  • I’ve started following a bunch of dad bloggers lately. They’re awesome. I don’t tend to get Spouse’s take on this parenting gig, so I eat up posts from dads like they’re candy. This one from all in a dad’s work is fabulous. He posts questions from his kids, and his answers. #gigglefest
  • Speaking of dad blogs…..check this one out from My Least Favorite Child Today. I could, quite seriously, have him on this list every week. If you’re a germaphobe, you may want to skip this one….
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for new blogs/bloggers to follow. A Opinionated Man re-shares his meet-and-greet weekly, if I recall correctly. I’ve found tons of awesome stuff through this thread. Go share yours, or find some new writers to follow.
  • I’ve been missing some poetry posts lately. Keith Garrett at keithgarrettpoetry got me with this one today.
  • Lastly, it’s lizard season around here. We have two cats. That means lizards are regularly brought inside by said cats as “toys”. Often these toys end up dead. They almost always lose a tail. True story – I found a bunch of lizard-less tails under the banquet in the dining room. There’s currently a younger lizard hiding out underneath my fridge. Every time he tries to make a break for the sliding door, the cats pounce. If you know me, you know I don’t like lizards at all. They rate just above spiders in my book. But I’ve had to become rather adept at catching them, and releasing them outside, away from the cats. The entire time I’m transporting them on the dust pan, I’m calmly but firmly requesting they NOT jump. If they jump, all bets are off and good luck to ya. This all being said, your pet photo of the week  is a lizard I rescued recently.

lizard rescue

Send thoughts for happy, fast legs and feet for us Sunday morning! What are your weekend plans?

Friday Favorites 5.27.16

The countdown is seriously on, as noted yesterday.  Every minute of having to be a good school mom is sheer torture at this point. The end is in sight…..even though high school sport and dance will continue through the summer, we will have two glorious months off from carpools (carpool lines, idiots who still don’t know how to properly manage carpool lines), homework, backpacks laying in the floor, and weekly come-to-Jesus moments with the Big over accountability and actually handing in the homework he’s done. While we won’t have lazy, sleep-in mornings or regular beach days (we’ll be lucky to get beach afternoons), we will get something of a break from routine.

Given my current level of creative motivation, you’re lucky I read anything today, outside of the trashy novel I’m currently, momentarily, forcing myself away from. I did manage to pull it together for a little while this afternoon, and find some jewels to share this sunshiney Friday.

  • Yes, I’m nearing the end of a training cycle. Wahooo! We run the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon on June 5th. Sarah’s post, Mommy Doesn’t Quit, really spoke to me today. I run because I love the way I feel when I’m running, and the way I feel when I’m done. I run half marathons because I truly feel like I’ve accomplished something, and because, when I started running races, it was entirely out of my comfort zone. I  need my kids to see me doing things that scare me. I need my daughter to see me being a strong woman, and a healthy momma. Sarah says it way better than I just did. Go check it out. She’s an inspiring person who happens to be a badass running momma.
  • Geoff’s post at TanGental cracked me up today. He’s good at that. My married name gets massacred on a regular basis. Do you have a  name people can’t seem to get right?
  • I had to learn how to count money back in first grade. No lie. We had a pretend town in our classroom, and each student had a job. There was a grocery store, a post office, a flower shop, a courthouse, a library, and a police and fire station. We used fake money, and learned to count change. Then I worked retail in college. Yes, the register would normally tell us how much change to give back, but we HAD to count it back to the customers. Where did that skill go anymore? Very few people seem to be capable of it anymore. Joey  of Joeyfully Stated shares her experiences, and her opinion on the matter. Make sure you read all the way to the end – there’s a fun reward if you make it through.
  • Linda of Nutsrok tells it like it is when it comes to Vacation Men/Women   I actually dream of nights being home alone. Don’t get me wrong – I deeply love my family. But oh to eat, drink, watch, read what I want without disruptions, distractions, judgement, and noise…aaaaaaahhhhhhh..Maybe it’s time to send Spouse and the kids off on a camping weekend without me……
  • Sharing this one from A Small Press Life because, dessert.
  • Wins for kids with autism make my day. Over at findingcoopersvoice, there’s good stuff going on. Go cheer him, and his momma, on.
  • Your animal cuteness for the week is my cat, Willie. He’s had himself a banner week, bringing in not one, but two dead birds the other day, leaving half of a mouse in my entryway, and chasing three lizards into the house. Maybe I’ll start a “least favorite pet for the week” count/post. Anyway, this is Willie, keeping watch over the neighborhood from our courtyard wall.

Willie neighborhood watch

Happy Weekend everyone!

Friday Favorites 5.20.16

Oh my blog-world friends…This momma is toast today. We have (respectively) 7 and 13 days of school left. Yes, our high school gets out over a week ahead of our middle schools. I’m exhausted. Beat down. Over it. Done. The worst part though is knowing that summer won’t really bring relief. Cheer practice for the Princess will continue on through the summer, at 6am. I kid you not. Big Man starts cross country (9am – 11am, Monday through Friday) June 20th. And of course dance doesn’t break for summer. Recital is July 22nd and 23rd. No rest for the weary. I’m just sitting here being mad I don’t get to sleep in at all this summer, unless we manage to get away for a few days somewhere in between all the madness.

That being said, here’s my list of Favorites for today.

  • This post at Fabulous With Glitches just made me laugh. That’s been my Friday, spot on. And, I almost puked, and fell off the reformer, in Pilates class today. Bonus!
  • Shannon, Running Sunflower, had this to say about hills today. I love this post for soooooooo many reasons. A) The race I’m running in two weeks has a couple of gnarly hills, but it’s an awesome course and I’m really looking forward to it. B) Life has had its own share of hills lately. I love her line at the end, “And every hill — each and every one — has a top.” Beautifully written, Shannon!
  • I’ve been weepy as heck lately, and coming home stories ALWAYS get to me. This one is no exception. We all deserve a feel good moment today, so I’m sharing this one posted by bluebird of bitterness.
  • This is truth right here, and it made me lol. Short but sweet on  Arch Druidess.
  • A Momma’s View lifted up my heart, and made me cry at the same time (sensing a theme here?).  Go…If you don’t click on any of the other links today, click this one. So many people are out there doing battle every day. We are so quick to judge, without knowing anything about them, or what they’re facing. Don’t be the critic or scorekeeper. Cheer them for having the courage to fight.
  • Lastly, your weekly cute animal post. By the way, The Bloggess is a great one to follow. She’s just awesome-sauce.

Oh Lordy – the Princess just got home from school. A boy asked her to the 8th grade dinner dance, which is tomorrow night. Really? The DAY BEFORE???!!! She’s all in a tizzy. #andsoitbegins

What are your plans for the weekend? Any links you care to share?

Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites 5.13.16

You’re not imagining things…..this is an actual Friday Favorites post! I know, it’s been quite some time. I got off the rails when we were on vacation last month (oh wait, that was in March, wasn’t it?), and then life has just been a wee bit nutty. I believe I may have mentioned once or twice – or maybe five times – that cheer for the Princess is at 6am, Monday-Friday, yes? Big Man has had at least three golf matches and/or tournaments a week for the last month. His season ended Wednesday with the best 9-hole match he’s played in his young life (he shot a 44), but yet it wasn’t enough for his team to win and the entire Varsity team advance to league. Ah well. And then work has been event after event after event. I’m just digging out from under, but now have to get ready for the end-of-the-school-year insanity, as well as our own annual fundraiser. Add to all this fabulous-ness, I developed a massive, intense, pervasive case of vertigo. It’s better than when it started, but holy crackers, this is serious stuff. I never understood that before when people would talk about bouts with vertigo. It’s like being on a rollercoaster 24/7, even waking me up during the night, my brain spinning. But you don’t want to read about my trails and tribulations. You’re here for the favorites, right? Here you go….

For your enjoyment:

  • I needed a good laugh today. I’ve been a weepy mess all week for whatever reason. A Momma’s View shared a good one today. Go read it. I dare you not to laugh.
  • If you’ve followed me for any period of time, you’re aware I LOVE to read. I have a Goodreads goal of 52 books this year, so I’m always on the lookout for suggestions. Blu Chicken Ninja does book reviews here and there, and I was happy to see her post today, especially when I clicked the link and saw the beauty she was sharing. Seriously. This book is so pretty! Some books you just  need to stare at for awhile. This is one.
  • I get to see my bestest-bestie once a year, at least. We frequently try to squeeze in another visit, but we can count on that one in the fall pretty much every year. Even though we talk every day, we live for that long weekend we get to spend together. That’s why Rebecca’s post at How Do I Grown Up is earning a link today. She described the lead-up to that long weekend with my bestest-bestie to a T. Have an amazing weekend with your bestest-bestie, Rebecca!
  • I have a degree in English Lit. There are blog posts and social media posts which make my eyeballs bleed. I know I take liberties with the English language in my posts, but I try to adhere to the rules of grammar. I’ve seen the video bluebird of bitterness shared today, but it made me laugh once again, so I’m sharing it with you.
  • As I wrote recently, I am struggling mightily lately being nice to myself. Negative self-speak has taken a very loud hold of my brain. It’s difficult to overcome, but I’m working on it. Knowing I’m not the only person facing those negative voices gives me comfort. We do need to be kind to ourselves, but why is that learned behavior? Why do we have to give ourselves permission to be kind to ourselves, and why do we feel guilty when we actually do put ourselves first? Jessica, aka Not The Average Momma, shares her Kindness challenge, being kind to herself.  I hope it inspires you as it did me.
  • I’ve linked Josh’s fiction before, because he’s good. Check out what he wrote today. Then delve a little deeper into My Friday Blog. You won’t regret it.
  • Have you ever gone back and re-read childhood favorites as an adult? It’s really cool! Last year, I re-read all the Anne of Green Gables books. I loved it. The Harry Potter books came out when my babies were babies, so I can’t have the experience of a childhood perspective to compare to an adult perspective, but with the new book coming out soon, I may have to re-read the 7 books anyways. Check out BookPeople’s Blog on this exact thing. Will you be re-reading them again?
  • And finally, because we must have a pet post, here’s A Small Press Life‘s Duncan doing his best to be a distraction.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites 4.15.16

Good Lord – we made it to Friday. For a week that went by incredibly quickly, it’s also felt like it took a million years for five days to pass. I’m struggling mightily to focus – so many balls up in the air at the moment. Isn’t that rather typical though? How was your week? Weekend plans? Our community holds a community garage sale twice a year. The homeowners’ association takes care of all the signage and advertising. Residents just put their stuff out and handle the transactions. At the end of the morning, one of the donation places comes through with a big truck and picks up whatever you didn’t sell. Pretty good deal, right? Well, tomorrow is the day for the spring garage sale. I’m covered in dust and spider webs from gathering all the junk/unwanted/over it stuff we’re getting rid of. I don’t know how we come up with so much to get rid of every six months, but there you have it. I have two tables full of things for tomorrow morning, plus a sofa and love seat.

I’ve fought through the distractions and lack of focus (wait, is that a spider crawling across my forehead??!!!) to put together my favorites for this fine, sunny-in-Southern-CA day. Hope you enjoy!

  • I’ve been following Lillian at Hopes and Dreams: My Writing & My Sons almost since I started at wordpress. She’s doing the A-to-Z challenge this month, and I loved her post today. She did an awesome job of weaving a theme through multiple stories from her life.
  • Brittany at blissfulbritt could use some love. We’ve all been there…the blogging gods are NOT smiling upon us, life has gone wonky, changes are in the works. Go give her some encouragement.
  • In the US, it’s tax season. Our typical April 15th deadline was kicked back to Monday the 18th because today, D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day, and all the Federal offices are closed. So there’s a teeny reprieve, but it doesn’t take away the angst of tax time. bluebird of bitterness has some interesting stats. Now that sounds totally boring, but trust me, this post isn’t the least bit boring.
  • Stiletto Momma was worried she wouldn’t be able to come up with an M post for today, so she handled it like any grown up would.
  • As the mother of an autistic child with sensory issues, I frequently (daily) wonder what life is like from his perspective. I look to blogs written by adults on the spectrum, as well as those with anxiety or sensory issues. I find 21 and Sensory to be very insightful. In her post today, she answers questions others presented.
  • I’m adding today’s post on Diary of an Internet Nobody because the photos are so peaceful and pretty.

Your weekly animal photo is my whackadoo cat, Willie. It was raining outside. He wanted to be outside, but he did NOT want to get wet, so he sat right up on the door. Mission accomplished.

Willie in the rain

Happy Weekend!

Friday Favorites 4/8/16

It’s Spouse’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Spouse!!! Our celebration will happen tomorrow, because, well, kids’ stuff.

I have failed yet again in my efforts to get to Friday Favorites. Work and kids won today. So, I’m putting the ball in your court this week. Share your favorite post from today in the comments below, even if it’s your own!

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!