There’s Something About Being Upside Down

Way back when, I was an acrobat and gymnast. I pretty much lived upside down for a few years. I used our hallway as training for lots of things…running towards the vault, running round offs, and practicing cartwheels both ways. The walls were also the perfect distance apart for climbing, seriously. I’m sure my mother wishes those Magic Erasers were around then for all the footprints we left on the walls. The front door was the just the spot to practice handstands, which we then took to the living room for walking on our hands. Headstands could be done anywhere, but the landing corner seemed right. Seeing a trend here?

After I stopped being a gymnast, and cheerleading was a distant memory, being upside down didn’t seem as much of a fun thing to do. I lost the skill. It didn’t scare me. I just didn’t do it anymore. Enter yoga instructor extraordinaire. I’ve mentioned her before – she’s the one who tells us what’s next and looks at us as if we won’t laugh or balk. Two weeks in a row, she’s had us in headstands and handstands, or at least tried to get us to believe we could do it.

So there I was yesterday morning, in a handstand, feet up against the wall (my arms and abs aren’t quite up to balancing completely on my own), and I just felt empowered. Random, right? I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about being upside down, relying on your own strength (okay, and the wall) to keep you there. There’s something about seeing the world from that perspective. I lowered back down, and sat back on my heels, feeling almost as good as when I finish a long run. I was somewhat exhilarated and energized. Not that I’m going to be doing handstands against the wall at home everyday, nor will I be walking on my hands down the hallway or doing headstands in the corner of the landing. Once a week in yoga class is good enough.

What about you…Is upside down a yay or nay?