Sleeping Beauty or That Girl Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

I wrote this post nearly two years ago. But “girl sleeping” seems to be a frequent search term, because it pops up in my stats as “viewed” at least twice a week. Even two years later, she still falls asleep anywhere and everywhere. She is a super busy girl, and goes and goes until she drops, and/or we have meltdown. This is her, this is part of her story…..I thought I’d re-share since it gets hits pretty frequently.  Happy Weekend!

So, the Princess has been a wee bit ignored lately what with March for Babies focusing our thoughts on Big Man’s prematurity,  and it being Autism Awareness Month turning our minds towards Little Man and his stuff. I’m here to remedy that this afternoon.

This girl can fall asleep anywhere, and she usually does. She hated napping and going to bed when she was an infant and toddler. She would fight it tooth and nail. She didn’t want to be held to fall asleep. She preferred her bouncy seat, exersaucer, crib, pack-n-play…anywhere but in someone’s arms. She just didn’t particularly like to sleep where or when you expected her to sleep. This made for some interesting discoveries, especially after she learned how to climb out of her crib (at a ridiculously young age for my liking, mind you). She would go and go and go, until she dropped wherever she was, and I mean that literally. We have video of her sound asleep, and snoring, laying up the stairs. We have photos of her hanging half off her bed, on her back. I have pictures of her sleeping pretty much everywhere. Some samples: IMG_0074 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

across her pillow across recliner after beach after slumber party after soccer arms across e in the car booster sleeping on the stairs

I’ll give her this…in almost all of the above photos, we were either at the beach, at soccer, skiing, or at dance before she passed out and photos were taken.

Nowadays, if you put her in the car for more than five minutes, she’s out. You would think that with all the time she and I spend in the car together, we would get some good mother/daughter, one-on-one time. Not so much. She falls asleep on the way to the studio and on the way home from the studio. It is rather entertaining to watch her head start to bob, and then we hit the curvy road and she falls over. She doesn’t even try to fight it anymore. Airplane to DC? She was out before we were over Arizona.  On the way home, I don’t even think she made it to takeoff. It’s kind of her thing now, part of her story.  Seems almost appropriate – I call her Princess, and she could qualify as Sleeping Beauty. That girl can sleep anywhere.

He reached out his arms

With our new schedule, the Princess and I don’t get home from the studio til about 9pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. Little Man is not exactly thrilled with this. He does not like going through the bedtime routine, much less falling asleep, when I’m not home. I’m of the mind it’s good for him to work this through with dad, so I don’t say much about it to him. I just put it on his weekly schedule hanging in his room.

We got home last night, and he popped downstairs for his water. He was still within his thirty-minute reading window, so I didn’t put him on notice. He quietly got what he needed and went back upstairs. I watched some tv with Spouse for a bit, and went upstairs about forty-five minutes later. Little Man’s light was still on, so I peeked in his room. He was out. So I walked in to turn his light off. He rolled over towards me, eyes half open, and started muttering something that seemed very important to him, but which was completely incomprehensible. He was sound asleep. Then he reached out his arms and drew me to him. I hugged him, put Jaws in his arms, and quietly left the room.

For all the hell we’ve been through the last four weeks, those quiet moments make up for it all. My sweet boy is in there, struggling past everything else. And he knows his momma. I went to bed with a smile on my face.

Don’t mind the noise, it’s just a regular night in an autism house.

Houses with autistic kids are noisy…at least ours is.  Most of the time,  I don’t particularly notice all the sound and movement. It’s part of life, our normal.  I do become aware, however, when people are over who don’t see Little Man in his element on a regular basis.

I hosted book club last night…..all wonderful, loving, fun women. They know Little Man’s issues. He did okay for the most part, but bedtime is never easy, particularly when I am inaccessible to walk him through it.  He definitely let me know he was unhappy with the situation, wandering back and forth between the back bedroom and the kitchen, crying a couple of times, running upstairs, stomping around his room. These are all fairly typical behaviors for him. It distracted me. I was trying to manage him, and yet focus on book club at the same time. He finagled a later bedtime with me trying to avoid full meltdown. Then at the extended time, decided he needed a snack. Upstairs, downstairs, he needed water, he wanted me, he was upset, he was anxious. He wandered in and out of the family room.

At the height of it, I did say, “Don’t mind the noise, it’s just a regular night in an autism house.” Everyone nodded, and we went on with the night. Spouse managed bedtime, and Little Man eventually settled. He was in a sound sleep when the ladies left and I went up to bed.

Our household is chaotic. But everyone has their stuff to deal with.  I think we take the hand we’ve been dealt in stride. We roll with what comes. Sometimes that means there’s lot of door-slamming, foot-stomping, lashing out, tears, and yelling. Sometimes, there are quiet, painful tears. Sometimes, there’s calm and quiet. Sometimes, there’s giggling and lots of hugs. Sound pretty normal? Yeah, I thought so too.