Holy wow – After that ridiculously long countdown to real summer, we have just two weeks before the Herd heads back to school. (insert bad words here) Where in the ever lovin where did summer go?

We’ve had an incredibly busy, super fun summer, but it has flown by. We’ve rolled from one thing right into the next, or at least I have. School finally ended for Little Man. The following Monday, he started tech camp. Big Man and the Princess were never really “off” as – I may have mentioned this before – high school sports continue to practice through summer. The last day of tech camp, we went to the showcase presentation, and then hit the road for Palm Springs. We spent four glorious days poolside, hanging out with our friends and neighbors who joined us, eating, drinking, sunbathing, reading, playing games, and golfing.  It was HOT, but we don’t care when we’re there. We’re in or right next to the pool all day long.

I was home for 1.5 days, then left for my summer scrapbooking retreat in  Big Bear. In four days there, I managed to finish my 2015 book, as well as our Spring Break Utah trip book. (pats self on back) It was much-needed momma time with friends. We walked by the lake each morning, talked, ate, laughed, and scrapbooked. The only bummer was our usual massage therapist wasn’t able to be there due to injury. I’d so been looking forward to that 90-minute massage. Sigh….other than that, it was a beautiful weekend.

After Big Bear, I spent three days running around like a crazed person, getting the house ready for a cousin invasion. Nine of them began arriving on Wednesday. They trickled in until Saturday, when we had everyone here. Did I mention that was also recital weekend? Yeah, that. We had five fun-filled, busy days. Oh, I won’t lie – we did take plenty of time to sit in or next to our pool, but we were definitely on the go for much of the time.

The day after cousins left, my bestie and her four teens arrived for a week-long visit. We didn’t really stop from the minute they arrived, but oh my… much fun! We forget how awesome our city is until people are here and we’re taking them all over. We hit Mission Beach, they kayaked La Jolla Cove, we went to the movies, spent a day in Coronado (on the beach and at the beach bar at the Hotel Del where there was a Norman Reedus (aka Daryl from Walking Dead) sighting (it was ComiCon weekend in San Diego and a bunch of stars were staying at the Hotel), watched the ponies race in Del Mar, golfed our club (K and I rode along while our spouses golfed), went wine tasting in Ramona (you get premium service when your FIL is the President of the Ramona Valley Vintner Association), and took in a Padres game. Yes, all of that. The day they left, I had a work event. I got home that evening and absolutely crashed.

This is the longest break we’ve had all summer……and I leave tomorrow for five days in Chicago. More fun…..a day a Lollapalooza, some beach time if the weather permits, and a Cubs game, not to mention more time (sans children this visit) with the bestie! Then I’ll be home for two days before we leave for a long weekend at my parents’ in Phoenix. We’re home from that trip for two days and the kids go back to school.

Are you tired? Cuz I’m tired. We’ve blasted through this summer, rollin from one fun thing to the next. I think I need a summer to recover from this summer. We’ve had pool time, bbq’s, baseball games, beach days, and movies. We’ve spent time with family and friends. We’ve soaked it all in, taking full advantage of every minute. I can’t believe it’s ending in two weeks, and we’ll be in for another long haul of a school year. I’ll put the pool towels and basket of sunscreen away, tuck the beach chairs onto their hooks in the garage, stow the cornhole game in its case, and say goodbye to summer 2017.

Boring? Never!

It seems Little Man might have thought our household was a getting boring. Last night, he knee’d himself in the nose during a tickle fight with Dad. Blood gushing everywhere. And I go into full panic-mode, of course. I’m telling you…if it’s going to happen, it’s going to  happen to him, and the more random, the more likely it is to happen. We debated going to the emergency room last night. But when we got the bleeding stopped, he didn’t immediately have two black eyes, and the swelling wasn’t crazy, we decided to sleep on it and take him in today. Additionally, we didn’t want to leave the other two at home by themselves, not knowing when we might return from an ER trip.

Little Man slept in our room. He tossed and turned and flipped, as is pretty usual for him. I was on alert with every movement. He started coughing and was snuffly, but not more bleeding, and he didn’t wake up. Even this morning I was debating with myself….doctor? Emergency Room? Urgent Care? Or just wait it out. Broken noses seem to be treated the same as broken fingers and toes…not much treatment, unless they’re totally deformed. I finally went with seeing the pediatrician. We would let him decide where we went from there. The doctor didn’t even send us for x-rays. He said even if it is broken, it’s a clean break and the septum looks fine. The swelling is on the side, rather than the top, which would be worrying. There was no visible septum hematoma. Little Man is battling allergies, as is the rest of our household. Gotta love Santa Ana winds and everything blooming. Little Man did well with the exam, answering the doctor’s questions with just a few promptings. We didn’t see our primary pediatrician today, but he has seen this doctor before so he didn’t freak out.

The kids and I are off to Phoenix this afternoon to see my parents and take in a couple of Spring Training baseball games. Honestly, we can all use the quick getaway.  They’ve all fought the sickies this year, and we need a break.  Time with Daddy and Mom is a bonus for me. Add baseball on top of that, and we are all happy campers. Little Man could live without the baseball part of it. We have him fully prepped – headphones, promises of cotton candy and soda, and probably the iPad to keep him from losing it during the game. Heaven help us if there are fireworks. Say a little prayer for us on that one. 😉  Yes, we’re playing hookey from school tomorrow. I don’t normally pull the kids so we can go on trips, but life is short, and we treasure time with family. So away we go.

As for the NaBloPoMo prompt for today..Nope, I’ve never been a part of a group blog. I’m not even sure exactly what that is, although I am sure I’m about to find out.

Happy weekend, everyone. Not sure I’ll be posting while we’re away. But you can bet you’ll hear all about it when we get back.